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Subject: Earl Shumway AKA "Andy Blackstone, Movie Scout"
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 20:07:43 -0700

From: Anne Vawser

[ Clipped and Cross-posted from FPForum & NPS Morning Report - 6/9/97
Author:  Bill Halainen at NP-DEWA Date: 6/9/97 10:05 AM ]

INCIDENTS 94-528 - Canyonlands NP (UT) - Follow-up on ARPA Arrest
On June 5th, Earl Shumway, a notorious area pot hunter, was sentenced in
federal court for his 1995 conviction of violating the Archeological
Resources Protection Act, damaging government property, and for being a
felon in possession of a firearm.  The ARPA violations stemmed from the
looting of two remote archeological sites in Canyonlands NP and the
Manti-Lasal NF in 1991 and two sites on BLM lands near Natural Bridges NM
in 1994.  Shumway had originally been sentenced to 78 months in federal
prison by the chief federal judge for Utah.  In those proceedings, the
government argued that the remains of the child removed from the
Canyonlands site during the looting should be considered those of a victim
and thus warrant a "vulnerable victim" adjustment of 15 months during
sentencing.  The judge agreed.  But the ruling was reversed on appeal to
the 10th Circuit, which stated that considering the remains of the child as
those of a victim was inappropriate. Shumway must serve 63 months in prison
and three years' supervised probation, and must pay $5,500 in restitution
to the government - half to Canyonlands.  During the December, 1991,
looting incidents, Shumway conspired with two other men - one an OAS-carded
helicopter pilot - to fly into the park and forest and excavate the two
sites.  The flight was made during very inclement weather when law
enforcement officers are less likely to be out and about, a technique used
by wildlife poachers in Alaska.  After making off with the spoils, Shumway
disappeared, stiffing the pilot for flight time worth $5,100 and both the
pilot and second accomplice of any money derived from the sale of the
contraband.  The pilot fabricated a story to cover the loss to the
helicopter company he worked for, saying that Shumway was "Andy Blackstone,
a movie scout."  He presented the story to the local sheriff and BLM agents
in hopes     of catching up with Shumway to recover the helicopter costs
and his share of the bounty.  This provided BLM agents with the lead needed
to make the case. Shumway admitted under oath that he has been digging
artifacts from public lands ever since he was a child, and that he has
looted sites "thousands of times."  In a 1988 television interview, Shumway
bragged that his chances of being caught were "about one in a million."
The assistant U.S. attorney has characterized Shumway as a "career criminal
specializing in natural resources crime."  [Larry Van Slyke, CR, CANY, Pat
Buccello, SA, RMRO, 6/6]


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