Message #219:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Sacred Worlds: A Journal Of American Indian Religions
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 12:28:27 -0700


SACRED WORLDS is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study and
advancement of the religious traditions of American Indians.  The
journal examines sacred traditions from the past and present. All
writers (academics, lawyers, journalists, politicians, poets, activists
and others) interested in American  Indian religions are invited to
submit articles, research papers, essays and book reviews to SACRED
WORLDS.  Submissions should follow guidelines set forth in 
The University of Chicago Press Manual of Style.  The suggested 
length for articles, papers and essays is from 2,500 to 15,000 words, 
but works of other lengths will also be considered.  The suggested 
length for book reviews is 700 to 2,000  words. Publication of the 
first issue of SACRED WORLDS is set for January, 1998. SACRED WORLDS, 
a bi-annual, is replacing the quarterly journal AMERICAN INDIAN RELIGIONS. 
Subscriptions to AMERICAN INDIAN RELIGIONS will be honored by SACRED 
WORLDS.  Any questions concerning subscriptions should be addressed to 
the publisher, James R. Lewis, at the Center for Academic Publication, 
Stanford University Branch Box 5097, Stanford, CA 94309-5097. Deadline 
for submissions for the January issue is July, 1997.  Queries concerning 
submissions should be sent to Mary Ann Wells, SACRED WORLDS editor, at  
. Queries concerning book reviews 
should be sent to Kenneth Mello, book review editor, at  
The editors welcome all comments and queries.