Message #212:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Watch June 1997 (AZ Site Stewards)
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 16:22:44 -0700

From Brian Kenny 

You may remember recent 'demise of the Site Steward Program' messages on SASIG:
Message 146
Message 150

The Watch -- Newsletter of the Arizona Site Steward Program  -- June
1997 arrived in the mail.  Today's front page message from the AZ SHPO
said ... 

"...Mary the best at this job and I hope we can find a way to
make sure she continues. Because without a volunteer coordinator the
efforts of the volunteers will go unnoticed and the cause will go unmet.
 If we need volunteerism, we need a volunteer coordinator."

It seems there yet is no firm word on the retention of the volunteer
coordinator position for the Arizona Site Stewards.  Please keep up your
support!  SASIG message # 150 contains legislator e-mail addresses.

The most amazing thing about the Watch newsletter for June was the
following piece:

"Need Temporary Monitoring Over Longer Time Period...This Site Steward
Is For You!  ...  I have been a Site Steward in Region 22 since 1990,
and I watch the Janet Site.  My schedule is extremely flexible, so I
would like to volunteer to help watch any "hot spots" or areas of
frequent and recent illegal activity.  I have a four wheel drive
vehicle, and can camp on location for night observations.  I was called
by Charlie Steger (former Prescott Regional Coordinator) and Jim McKie
(Prescott National Forest Archaeologist), and spent several wonderful
days and nights at the Mastadon dig here in the Prescott NAtional
Forest.  I would be willing to travel throughout the State, and can
remain at a location for about five days.  I am not asking for an
additional site to watch on a permanent basis, but if you need a site
steward for temporary 24 hour monitoring, please give me a call.  Dave
Johnson [phone number  ] "

 -- contact to get Mr Johnson's phone number,
or, to learn how to join the AZ Site Steward program and receive your
own copy of the WATCH.