Message #257:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Colorado Context RFP
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 06:32:05 -0700

From: Todd McMahon Archaeologist, Colorado State Historical Preservation Office 

The Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists has received a grant
from the State Historical Fund to write five contextual documents
concerning the regional prehistory of Colorado. The RFP for the five
contexts is the same: there is a different one for the Project Coordinator.
Both RFPs will be available after July 15, 1997. The project is scheduled
to start in October, 1997 and go through April, 1999. Responses to the RFPs
must be received by
September 16, 1997. If you are interested in receiving a RFP please specify
which one and write to: Dr. Sandy Karhu, P.O. Box 40727, Denver, CO
80204-0727. Fax (303) 894-2459.  The RFPs will be available on the CoPin
(Colorado Preservation Information Exchange) website soon after July 15th; (under "news"). Note: any changes
or clarification of the RFPs will be posted on the website as soon as
possible. If you access the RFPs through the web it is your responsibility
to periodically check the web for further information. If you receive a
copy of the RFP through the mail, any changes will be mailed to you. You do
not have to be a member of the Colorado Council of Professional
Archaeologists (CCPA) to apply to the RFPs. You simply need to agree to the
code of ethics. The contexts for Colorado are regional in scope and
boundaries were drawn based on  river drainages. A popular version of the
context is also scheduled to be completed for this project.