Message #253:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Anthropological Review Database (ARD)
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 20:54:05 -0700

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    From: hjarvis@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU ("Hugh W. Jarvis")
    Subject: JWA makes way for a new project...  (announcing ARD)
    Date: Mon, 14 Jul

     JWA makes way for a new project...
    The Journal of World Anthropology (JWA) is being shelved to make room
for a new project, the Anthropological Review Database (ARD).
    JWA has been a rewarding experience, and it has been our great pleasure
to bring important information to the world through the Internet. But we
have come to realise that we are not creating as effective a resource as we
would like. Production scheduling has been difficult and we have not been
able to make the best use of our time and other resources. Despite the fact
that we were publishing in an electronic format, we seemed to encounter all
the problems and frustrations of a print journal. Along the way we became
aware that there seems to be no readily accessible and comprehensive source
for review infromation. While anthropology is     producing an ever-growing
and increasingly varied range of information, to an rapidly growing number
of  scholars, many of the mainstream periodicals seem to be moving away
from publishing this information.
    The new project will make the most of our established infrastructure
and the Web. We envision ARD as an important, focused resource for the
scholarly community. While we will focus almost exclusively on publishing
reviews, we will cover all audio-visual products, educational multimedia
and computer programs, Web projects, and anything else that seems
worthwhile as well as the more traditional books and films. This will
include recent as well as overlooked, older works.
    The Web provides an ideal place for this task. ARD will be an
extensive, free, fully searchable and easily accessible online database
which will catalog not just the reviews we generate, but also link the
other online sources of reviews (such as reviews already published in the
Journal of World Anthropology). Ultimately we aim to index what has been
published off-line as well. Once we are well-established, ARD will also
develop complementary resources, such as a list of anthropological
publishers, reviewer biographies, and feature articles on subjects such as
trends in anthropological media.  (Please note, the search engine will not
be installed until our next crop of reviews are complete, in time for the
fall semester.)
    For those who are interested in contributing or taking part, we are
setting up an editorial review board which will allow us to do a more
complete editorial review process, as well as to channel some of the more
unsual media we receive. And of course we are always seeking more
reviewers, as well as suggestions concerning items we could review.
    We will continue to post administrative announcements on the Internet,
such as lists of items for review. However, we have changed the name of our
email distribution list from to the more
appropriate . If you were subscribed to JWA,
we have already changed over your subscription. If you would like to
subscribe to ARD, please send "SUB ARD" and your full name to , as in the following example:
        sub ard Margaret Mead
    We will continue to announce our progress to the Net, but please visit
our Web site for more information.
    Yours truly,
        Hugh Jarvis, ARD Editor