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Subject: Mid-Career Grant Program
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James Marston Fitch Charitable Trust Grants
Mid-Career Grant Program

James Marston Fitch CharitableTrust, established in 1988 in honor of
James Marston Fitch, promotes the study of the preservation of historic
and architectural  heritage in the United States. The Trust annually
provides research grants of up to $10,000 to mid-career professionals in
historic preservation. 

The grants are intended to support innovative original research and
creative design which advances the practice of preservation. Projects
must demonstrate usefulness to practitioners and the results must be
publishable. The grants are to be regarded as incentives for innovative
work rather than as prizes for past accomplishments. 


Grants are available to qualified mid-career professionals with
established backgrounds in historic preservation or related fields.
Candidates should have an advanced or professional degree and 10 yearrs'
professional experience in
historic rpeservation or preservtaion in related fields, such as
architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, environmental
planning, archaeology, architectural history, or the decorative. To be
considered, a project must be
relevant and useful to the preservation community in the United States. 

Application and Selection

Applicants are required to submit three copies of the following:

Brief description of project and work product, not to exceed three pages
Schedule of work and a budget showing how grant monies will be applied
Curriculum Vitae, including professional and academic background and
past and present grants received Two letters of support for the project

Applications are reviewed by the Trustees. Applicants are encouraged to
be succinct. Letters of reference must be included with the application.
The criteria used in the selection process are: 

demonstrated need for the proposed study and evidence of its value to
the preservation community in the United States
background, qualifications and professional experience of the applicant
feasibility of the proposed research, work product, schedule and budget.

Award and Completion

Recipients will be notified by mail. The award is divided into four
equal payments, the first being presented at a special event in the
Fall. Projects are required to be completed within twelve months of the
Grant award, except when an extension is approved by the Trustees. 

Final and completed studies shall consist of one complete original with
appropriate illustrations and one complete copy. The Trust shall be
acknowledged in all publications. The Trustees reserve the right to
publish the results if the
recipient does not do so. Proper credit will be given to the

Application Deadline

May 1, 1996

For further information contact:

      Morley Bland
      The James Marston Fitch Charitable Trust
      Offices of Beyer, Blinder and Belle
      41 East 11 Street
      New York, NY 10003
      voice: 212-777-7800
      fax: 212-475-7424