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From: Alan Shalette

Don't know if you subscribe to ACRA-L, so this may be of interest.

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Tom -- The following text is from the website for the Society for California 
Archaeology (  We list field schools and fieldwork 
 opportunities, as well as other information re: Calif. archaeology.

The Archaeological Institute of America has an annual publication listing 
digs worldwide and contacts for each. It costs around $15 (with S&H). Refer 
to an advertisement toward the back of the January/February, 1996 issue of 
Archaeology magazine.

Cornell University maintains a list of fieldwork opportunities, including 
both field schools and paid positions.

The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training's is a 
clearinghouse for preservation related information in the fields of 
archeology, historic architecture, historic landscapes, objects and 
materials conservation, and interpretation. The Center is making available 
information on field school opportunities via its gopher 
(gopher:// and Web (Web site) as well as via its 
fax-on-demand computer system.

The Arizona Archaeological Society Rock Art Recording Field School Coconino 
National Forest Deadman's Wash, June 7 through 14, 1997. Help protect and 
preserve the prehistoric rock art of the American Indian.  Learn how to 
record petroglyphs and pictographs. Assist in recording sites that are 
rapidly being destroyed by natural and human forces. Knowledge relating to 
all aspects of rock art will be gained from lectures and discussions by 
experts in the field. Participate in a fun and rewarding  experience. For 
more info:

C. Kristina Roper /
Sierra Valley Cultural Planning (209) 224-0201
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