Message #45:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Chevlon Steps Rock Art Project/AAS Maps Available
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 97 10:04:00 MST
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[ Ms. Kolber is associated with the American Rock Art 
Research Association (ARARA) and the Arizona Archaeological Society  -- 
 SASIG Ed. ]

From: Jane Kolber

The Chevelon Steps Rock Art Site is situated in a beautiful canyon with 
thousands of complex petroglyphs mostly animal and human forms that may have 
been created over a period of time exceeding 2000 years.  The site, on 
private property, is now being exploited for commercial purposes as the Rock Art Canyon 
Ranch.  The owner of Rock Art Canyon Ranch, while interested in 
preservation, is most interested in rapidly increasing development of the 
site as a tourist attraction.  Without professional recording, the site 
faces an uncertain future.  Site tours for archaeological groups and helpful 
donors/sponsors can be arranged.

There are no funding mechanisms to sponsor site documentation activities 
other than donations and sales of maps and books.  Please consider making a 
tax-deductible donation to support the professional recording of the 
Chevelon Steps Rock Art Site.  The maps described below are offered for sale 
by the Arizona 
Archaeological Society.
The following out of print maps are in excellent shape and will be sold for 
a minimum donation of $3.00 each; $2.00 each for those with * (because I 
have lots of them);  $1.50 postage for two in a tube;   .50 additional 
postage for each one above two.

1:50,000            1:250,000
Cochise Head        Mesa
Nogales             Tucson
*Dos Cabezas        Holbrook
Squaretop Hills          Nogales
*Cochise            Sonoyta, Mexico
Jackson Mountain         *Douglas
Galiuro Mountains        Las Vegas, NV
Happy Valley
Sierra Bonita Ranch

1:50,000            1:250,000
Bryson              *Ajo
Junipero Serra
*La Panza
*New Idria
Pierdras Blancas
Priest Valley
San Ardo
*San Benito
San Juan Bautista
*San Luis Obispo