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Subject: Army Wives on the American Frontier
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 97 10:37:00 MST
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[ Great front cover picture of Union soldiers and wives in victorian dress 
seated around a saguaro cactus -- SASIG Ed. ]

Army Wives on the American Frontier  --  Excerpts from memoirs, diaries, 
letters, newspaper clippings, official correspondence and numerous secondary 
sources describe the experiences of 50 military wives on the American 
frontier, most of whom were married to officers in Army Wives on the 
American Frontier: Living by the Bugles by Anne Bruner Eales.  The period of 
time covered is primarily from the end of the Civil War in 1865 to the 
beginning of the Spanish-American War in 1898.  Army Wives demonstrates how 
ladies from the East expanded their Victorian boundaries as they became 
women of the West.  Related are episodes that show resourceful women 
improvizing, economizing, and realizing their talents and opportunities in 
the West while "achieving a freedom of thought and action that most of them 
had never experienced or even imagined."  The women explain how to drink 
water that has been covered with moss and slime, how to mop the floor by 
letting flood water in the back door and out the front, and how to solve the 
servant shortage in the West by kidnapping one.  The book appeals to today's 
woman interested in the contributions of women in American history.  Anne 
Bruner Eales is an editor and writer with the National Archives and Records 
Administration in Washington D.C.  She has worked at Army Times and is 
herself an "army wife."  The 6 X 9 210-page book with photos sells for 
$16.95 paperback from Johnson Books, 1880 S. 57th Court, Boulder C) 80301. 
(303) 443-9766; fax (303) 443-1679.

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