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Subject:      Schedule for Native America Calling
From: (Bernadette Chato)
Date:         1996/12/07

Here's the latest schedule for *Native America Calling.* Since we
produce a new show every day, we are always looking for knowledgeable 
people (preferably Native Americans) to be guests on our show. If you 
have a recommendation for a guest after reading the topics for upcoming 
shows, please e-mail our producer directly at Your 
help is appreciated.

A list of stations follows the schedule. If you want to find out more
about coverage in your area, please follow instructions given.

Thanks. BC




Dt:  DECEMBER 5, 1996


Native America Calling, the first national call-in radio program
to focus on Native issues, began daily one-hour feeds on 6/5/95.

Feed Time:      M - F, 1300 - 1359 ET

Channel Info:   Digital Frequency B68.2
                Galaxy 4, Transponder B

Broadcast Rights:
Each program is designed for live use. The fee to carry NATIVE
AMERICA CALLING is determined on whether the station is a member
of AIROS. There is a set fee for AIROS members; if not a member,
fee is based on station's annual revenue.

 **** P R O G R A M    S U B J E C T    T O    C H A N G E ****
           Watch the DACS or your FAX for updates!!
Host:  Tom Beaver
Wellness Host:  Sharon McConnell

Program Schedule For 12/9 - 12/13:
Mon - 12/9: Current Events:
Join us as we thumb through the headlines and look at current
events around the nation.  What are the national news stories
that have caught your attention?  Which stories impact Indian
Country?  Call and inform us about news in your community?  NAC
Features Producer Bernadette Chato will join in the discussion.

Tues - 12/10: Black Market Eagles:
The Eagle population is on the rise...and so is their value on
the black market.  Eight natives were recently arrested for
allegedly killing these precious birds with intent to sell their
feathers and parts.  Are native people killing eagles for more
than religious purposes?  Guests include Alfred Yazzie of the
Navajo Nation.

Wed - 12/11: Capitol Hill News:
Will John McCain remain as chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs
Committee?  Will a native be appointed to the federal gaming
commission?  Will Ada Deer keep her position as head of the
Bureau of Indian Affairs?  Join our lawyers roundtable as we
discuss news from our nation's capitol?  Guests include D.C.
attorney Hans Walker.

Thurs - 12/12: Chemical Dumping in Indian Country:
Indian reservations are being viewed as possible sites for
storage of toxic waste and chemicals.  How can anyone be sure
that these storage sites are safe?  Are tribes seriously
considering storing radioactive waste on their lands?  Guests
include nuclear-free activist Grace Thorpe.

Fri - 12/13: Wellness Edition...Diabetes:
It's been a killer among native people for decades.  How can we
combat this deadly disease?  What steps can you and your family
take to make sure you're safe from diabetes?  Guests TBA.

Program Schedule For 12/16 - 12/20:

Mon - 12/16: Canada's First Nations:
The Musqueam Indians of British Columbia have their sights set
on regaining a portion of their ancestral lands - all of
downtown Vancouver.  The Canadian government is willing to
negotiate a new treaty.  Is it time for all tribes to
renegotiate their treaties?  Guests include Canadian Minister
of Indian Affairs Ron Irwin and Musqueam Chief Joe Becker.

Tues - 12/17: Women in Tribal Politics:
Tribes throughout North America are still hanging onto
traditional systems of running their affairs.  But do these
systems discriminate against women?

Wed - 12/18: Homeless for the Holidays:
Could you imagine being alone, without a home during this
holiday season.  It's a reality for many natives.  What can be
done to ensure the homeless are not left out in the cold?

Thurs - 12/19: Pollution in the Everglades:
The runoff from farming pesticides and insecticides is causing
concern among environmentalists in the Florida Everglades.  But
farming is big business, for tribes as well.  Will the two sides
reach a middle ground? Special report by NAC correspondent Tanya

Fri - 12/20: Home for the Holidays:
Many native communities celebrate the Christmas season with
community events.  This helps to create a healthier sense of
community for both families and individuals?  What community
activities are you involved in during the holidays?


*Native America Calling* is produced and directed by Harlan
McKosato (Sac and Fox from Oklahoma).  Tom Beaver (Muscogee
Creek from Minnesota) is Host/Associate Producer, and Features
Producer/Editor is Bernadette Chato.

*NAC* is a production of Native American Public
Telecommunications, Inc.  Offices for *Native America Calling*
are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The program is produced
at the studios of KUNM at the University of New Mexico.  The
staff of *Native America Calling* can be reached at 505-277-5201
or by fax at 505-277-4286.  Address correspondence to PO Box
40164, Albuquerque, NM  87196, or e-mail to

For information on how your local public radio station can carry
the program, call John Belindo, AIROS at 1-800-571-6885 or e-
mail to his attention to


                     Produced in Albuquerque, NM

        KABR  1500 AM   Alamo, New Mexico
        KBRW   680 AM   Barrow, Alaska
        KBSU   730 AM   Boise, Idaho
        KCIE  90.5 FM   Dulce, New Mexico
        KCUK  88.1 FM   Chevak, Alaska
        KEYA  88.5 FM   Belcourt, North Dakota
        KGHR  91.5 FM   Tuba City, Arizona
        KGLP  91.7 FM   Gallup, New Mexico
        KGVA  88.1 FM   Fort Belknap, Montana
        KIDE  91.3 FM   Hoopa, California
        KILI  90.1 FM   Porcupine, South Dakota
        KNBA  90.3 FM   Anchorage, Alaska
        KNSA   930 AM   Unalakleet, Alaska
        KOTZ   720 AM   Kotzebue, Alaska
        KRCL  90.9 FM   Salt Lake City, Utah
        KSKA  91.1 FM   Anchorage, Alaska
        KSKO   870 AM   McGrath, Alaska
        KSUT  91.3 FM   Ignacio, Colorado
        KTDB  89.7 FM   Pinehill, New Mexico
        KUNM  89.9 FM   Albuquerque, New Mexico
        KWSO  91.9 FM   Warm Springs, Oregon
        KYUK   640 AM   Bethel, Alaska
        WYRU  1160 AM   Red Springs, North Carolina

     Most stations carry *Native America Calling* live at 1300-1359
Eastern Time. However some stations opt to air the program on tape
Call the particular station for broadcast time.

     If you do not see a station listed for your area, consider calling
your local public radio station to ask if they could carry it. The rates
are VERY reasonable. Information, including rates and a demo tape, on
*Native America Calling* can be obtained by calling John Belindo,
manager, American Indian Radio on Satellite Network (AIROS) at

                                 # # #

Bernadette Chato, Features Producer         Snail Mail:  PO Box 40164
NATIVE  AMERICA  CALLING                    Albuquerque, NM  87196
The Nation's 1st Electronic Talking Circle  505-277-5354/FAX 505-277-4286
Heard on public radio stations!             E-mail: