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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: AZSITE Workshop, Feb. 20-21
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 97 16:08:00 MST
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From: Beth Grindell 

AZSITE Workshop Scheduled for February

The AZSITE Consortium is holding a 2-day workshop on Thursday and Friday, 
February 20 and 21, 1997, at the BLM Training Center, Phoenix, to discuss 
plans for Arizona's computerized cultural resources database.  The 
Consortium, formed last year by the ASM, ASU,  MNA, SHPO, ADOT, and ASLD is 
working to:
  1. produce a centralized electronic database of archaeological and historical sites and surveys for the state.
  2. make the database available electronically, either by remote access over a modem or internet connection or as a distributed system with access at several points across the state.
Toward these goals, the consortium has undertaken a two-phase pilot project, 
funded by the SHPO, to computerize the archaeological and historical site 
files of the concerned agencies in a single database.  During phase 1, we 
developed and created a proto-type database for archaeological and 
historical sites and projects, using records from SHPO, ASM and ASU; there 
are approximately 25,000 site and 1000 survey records in the pilot.  Phase 2 
has been devoted to developing graphical data layers for a GIS system.

As the pilot project approaches the end of phase 2, we are soliciting public 
comment from the user community in Arizona concerning  long-range plans for 
implementation and use of the database.  The National Center for 
Preservation Technology and Training, National Park Service, has provided 
the consortium with funding for a  needs assessment and the development of a 
plan of action.

The February 20-21 workshop is a major component of the needs assessment, 
designed to introduce the pilot project to Arizona's  archaeological 
community, and solicit comments and suggestions on implementation and use of 
the database.

Letters of invitation have been sent to all site file users and contributors 
in the state, including managers of state and federal lands, tribal 
archaeologists, private contract firms,  educational and research concerns, 
and public utilities.  If you did not see the invitation and are interested 
in attending, please contact Beth Grindell, ASM, at 520-621-1271 or at

Beth Grindell                   e-mail:
Arizona State Museum            phone:  520-621-1271
The University of Arizona       fax:    520-621-2976
Tucson, AZ  85721-0026