Message #96:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Distance Learning E-mail Course for Grantseekers

[Regarding the distance learning course for grantseekers, many
archaeologists reguire just this type of advice and training in order to
win grants to conduct historic preservation and cultural resource
management projects -- SASIG Ed.]

From: Nathalie Goss 


St. Thomas Aquinas College (in New York State) will be repeating its
distance learning offerings for grantseekers.  From April 21 through June
27, 1997,  Marilyn Gross of Educational Funding Strategies will be teaching
two full-length courses (each the equivalent of a 40-hour in-person course):
 1)  "Using the Internet to Research Grant Opportunities;"  2)  "Online
Course for Grantwriters."  Courses are aimed at nonprofit and public agency
staff, as well as board members and volunteers ranging from beginners to
those with experience.  Both courses can be accessed entirely by home or
office-based personal computer.   Courses are conducted entirely by e-mail,
with occasional conventional mailings. There will be weekly lessons
augmented by FAQ (frequently asked questions) sheets, and opportunities for
interactive communications with instructor and classmates.  Both courses are
ideal for students unable to travel to conventional courses due to time
constraints or physical challenges. The teaching approach is personal,
sensitive, and not "hi-tech."

Both courses are non-credit and non-graded, and can be pursued according
tothe student's own time and pace.  Certificates of completion will be sent
to participants following each course.  There are no pre-requisites. Courses
can be taken simultaneously or successively.  Cost of each course is $395,
and registration deadline for both is April 14, 1997. Students must have an
Internet connection and an e-mail account (with any provider) prior to
course start-up date.

Marilyn Gross

Educational Funding Strategies