Message #93:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: NM HPD Requests For Proposals - Historic Preservation Fund Grants

From:   Dan Reiley 

New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division
1997 Request for Proposals for Federal Historic Preservation Fund Grants

The New Mexico SHPO proposes to contract for several historic
preservation related projects using funds from the federal Historic
Preservation Fund. Below are abstracts for the proposed projects; if you
wish to receive the request for proposals (RFP) for one or more of these
projects, please e-mail Dan Reiley at, giving
your name, mailing address, and the title of the project or projects of
interest.  We will begin mailing requested RFPs on or before February
28, 1997; proposals will be due in the Division office on April 11,
1997, with the exception of the remote data entry application project
for the New Mexico Cultural Resource Information System (NMCRIS). The
Division is attempting to identify potential proposers for this project
now, but the NMCRIS RFP will not be issued until the end of July;
proposals for that project will be due at the end of August.  No match
will be required for any of these projects.

(1)  Small Grants (maximum $2000) to Historical Societies,
Archaeological Societies, Preservation Organizations, and Local
Governments (other than CLG) for preservation-related activities.  These
grants are intended to promote preservation activities at the local
level.  Examples include:  Development of preservation plans; public
awareness events to promote historic preservation; preparation of
nominations to the State Register of Cultural Properties and National
Register of Historic Places; surveys to identify historic and
prehistoric sites; recording and/or monitoring of endangered
archaeological sites.  This year we are especially interested in making
one or more grants to archaeological societies in New Mexico interested
in recording and nominating archaeological sites located on private
property to the State Register of Cultural Properties.  Staff will work
closely with the society in selecting sites for recordation and will
provide direction and assistance with the nomination process. Staff
contact:  Dave Cushman (505) 827-4045 or e-mail

(2)  Remote data entry application for the New Mexico Cultural Resource
Information System (NMCRIS).  The Division's Archeological Records
Management Section is looking for individuals or companies with the
skills to assist them in developing a remote data entry application for
the New Mexico Cultural Resource Information System (NMCRIS).  The
application must run on Intel-based desktop PCS running Windows
95/Windows NT and interface with NMCRIS, an Oracle-based RDBMS running
on a Digital UNIX server.  Strong skills in RDBMS design, client-server
application development, SQL and C-programming, and WAN communications
are required.  Additional knowledge of archeological sites and
experience in cultural resource management are highly desirable.
Contracting will not be initiated until August-September 1997, but the
Division is looking for qualified individuals and companies with
experience in historic preservation interested in responding to a
separate RFP for this contract.  The Contract amount will depend on the
final scope developed in August, but will be for at least $20,000.  No
matching funds will be required from the contractor.  For more
information, please contact Tim Seaman at (505)827-6347, extension 531
or e-mail

(3)  Editing of New Mexico Historic Preservation:  A Plan for the Year
2001 - $15,000.  The Division has completed a statewide preservation
plan, developed with substantial consultation and public input, and now
wishes to contract for 1)copy editing of the full plan and 2)
preparation to camera ready of the text for an abbreviated version to be
made available to the public and interested parties.  The full plan is
80 single-spaced pages; the abbreviated version is envisioned as a
booklet of 20-25 pages.  Previous experience with editing and technical
writing required; experience with historic preservation issues highly
desirable.  For additional information, contact Lynne Sebastian (505)
827-4044 or e-mail at

(4)  Preparation of New Mexico Preservation, the Division's newsletter -
$20,000.  The Division wishes to contract for preparation and mailing of
its newsletter, New Mexico Preservation.  This project would involve
working closely with Division staff on concepts and directions for three
issues of  the newsletter, editing of material supplied by the staff and
others, writing some articles, preparing the copy to camera ready, and
mailing the newsletters.  This project would comprise three issues of an
8-page newsletter and mailing to approximately 2750 addresses.  The
contractor should be able to work substantially without regular guidance
from the Division and should be a self-starter.  For additional
information, contact Lynne Sebastian (505) 827-4044 or e-mail at