Message #75:

From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG

To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 

Date: Sat, 08 Feb 1997 22:52:46 -0700

Subject: SWA Board of Directors Organizing 

From: Brian Kenny

Meeting March 7th


Immediately after the completion of Day One of the Arizona Archaeology

Month Exposition -- History From The Ground Up ! -- Please attend the


to discuss formation of a


Friday  March 7, 1997 7:00 PM

Sunset Cafe (Mexican-Style Restaurant)

555 South Arizona Boulevard

Coolidge, Arizona 85228

(520) 723-9949

Mission Statement

SWA will provide an electronic open forum on the World Wide Web for the

dissemination of archaeological. anthropological and historical

knowledge related to the American Southwest.  Furthermore, SWA intends


  • encourage electronic communication and the timely exchange of information among professional and avocational archaeologists and the public in the Southwest;
  • provide an electronic forum for the publication and discussion of organizational newsletters, appropriate research data, symposia proceedings, current events activities, and cultural resource management administrivia;
  • allow greater public access to Southwestern archaeological, anthropological and historical information in order to broaden intellectual development and scientific reasoning, encourage social interaction, foster cultural understanding; and promote appropriate hands-on activities with high entertainment value;
  • promote anthropological thinking and the use of archaeological and historical methodologies to critically examine current environmental, social and cultural issues and encourage their resolution;
  • foil archaeological vandalism and illegal antiquities trading by cooperative law enforcement action, as well as through direct legislative, judicial and historic preservation activism.
SWA Board of Directors Feedback over the past two years has shown that the SWA web page provides a useful and up-to-date informative service. SWA now plans to expand into an even more comprehensive community resource and to evolve into a permanent part of the Southwestern archaeological landscape. To encourage and expand participation, SWA will:
  • create a board of directors
  • apply for a 501c3 (tax exempt, not-for-profit) status with the IRS
  • set up an independent World Wide Web server
  • apply for grants
  • recruit a volunteer community of professional and avocational archaeologists
Projected Costs: The SWA web site is currently housed on a server in the College of Education at Arizona State University. While we are very thankful for the opportunity of housing the site there, our access to the server is very tenuous. For SWA to be able to achieve the goals outlined above, it is vital that the site be housed on an independent server. A $5000 Pentium Pro system with 128 MB RAM, SCSI UltraWide Hard Drive would probably suffice. If SWA had sufficient money, a low-end Sun SparcStation would be ideal, but such a set-up is only available at significantly higher costs. A high-speed Internet connection will cost around $250-300 a month. SWA could be up-and-running on an independent server in short time with an initial investment of $8000-10000 for server hardware, software, backup systems, routers, etc.) and an annual budget of $3000-5000 for upgrades and high-speed data connection. Your Assistance is Requested: SWA seeks individuals interested in contributing their energy and imagination to a strong presence of Southwestern Archaeology in cyberspace. Expertise with computer systems and on-line technology would be great but is not required to participate in this effort. We also want to split the responsibility for SWA page content among regional moderators, so that persons with great expertise in sub-regions advise the Board of Directors and webmasters regarding content. If you are from CA, NV, UT, CO, NM, TX, Sonora or Chihuahua, we also need your participation. So come for the Archaeology Expo and stay for the meeting. If you are interested in helping to achieve the goals outlined above, please contact us by FEBRUARY 20, 1997. SWA will convene an organizational meeting in Coolidge the weekend of the Arizona Archaeology Month Expo. The 1997 Arizona Archaeology Month "Archaeology Expo" will be held at Casa Grande National Monument (Coolidge AZ) on Friday and Saturday, March 7-8, 1997. Coolidge Arizona is located between the cities of Casa Grande and Florence. Casa Grande National Monument is located in Coolidge. We hope to see you in the back room at the Sunset Cafe, but please RSVP so we can tell the Sunset Restaurant how many to expect! Brian Kenny E-mail: (602) 227-3154 / (602) 962-5335 P.O. Box 61203 Phoenix, Az 85082-1203 Matthias Giessler E-mail: P.O. Box 234 Tempe, Az 85282 PS -- The Casa Grande, Arizona, thought to have been built about 1300 A.D. by Hohokam Indians, and abandoned around 1450, was designated a National Monument in 1918. The four-story structure, presumed to have been a watchtower, was first visited by Europeans when Father Eusebio Francisco Kino stopped there in 1694. The Big House will be opened to walk through during the Archaeology Month Exposition (a rare treat!!) A NOTE ABOUT $$ DONATIONS TO SWA [ If you can act as a temporary fiscal agent, please let me know -- BK ] You CAN accept donations now if you get an organization that already has a 501c3 to be your fiscal agent for the purposes of accepting grants and donor-directed contributions. Also, once you have filed your 501c3 application, you can accept private contributions from individuals as long as they are willing to take the chance that you may not receive your tax-exempt status and they understand clearly the status of the organization at the time they make their contribution. Such contributions are retroactively tax-deductible if your tax-exempt status is received. The best thing to do is to ask a like-minded 501c3 to be your fiscal agent. If you want some guidelines as to how this is done, I'll be happy to forward them to you. Don't turn down funds if you can accept them without compromising your ideals and mission. Good luck, Suzanne Jamison,