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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Ladle House -- Anasazi Pueblo Excavation Report On Line
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 97 08:37:00 MST
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The Ladle House Report is an interactive computer program which
documents and interprets the archaeology of an Anasazi pueblo recently
excavated in southwestern Colorado.  Excavations were carried out
between 1994-96 by the staff of Woods Canyon Archaeological Consultants,
Inc. These excavations were focused on one semi-subterranean dwelling,
or kiva, and an associated surface room. Both of these structures were
shown through excavations to have been built in the A.D. 1100's.  The
report on the excavations was designed for two purposes: 1) to meet
professional and permit responsibilities and 2) to disseminate the
knowledge gained from excavation to both professionals and the general
public. Instead of taking the traditional approach of producing a paper
report and structuring it in dry technical terms, we decided to use a
computer program as the medium and structure the report for both
professionals and "civilians", with an emphasis on interpretation.  It
is planned to produce the report for distribution in a CD-ROM format
compatible with both Windows and Macintosh platforms. At this stage,
however, the report is only available for Macintosh computers. By early
summer of 1997, we hope to have an updated CD-ROM version available for
both Windows and Macintosh.  In the meantime, we have placed the
majority of the report (minus several of the animations and the
appendices) here on the WEB. The illustrations have been reduced in size
to speed up delivery.  If you are interested in this project or in our
upcoming CD-ROM, please write

The second publication to come out of the Ladle House project is "Life
Among the Ancient Ones," a book written by Bob Greenlee. This intriguing
book tells two stories. The first story recounts how the Greenlees
helped excavate, along with professional archaeologists, one of the nine
ancient Anasazi sites on their property. The second story is a fictional
account which tells about the lives of a young man and his family who
inhabited the very same land nearly a thousand years earlier. This story
was inspired by some of artifacts recovered from the actual dig. Through
this fictional account of life in ancient times, the reader will learn
about the customs, traditions and lifestyles of the early Pueblo people
of the American Southwest.  This hardbound book is available for $16.95
from Hardscrabble Press, 2076 Hardscrabble Drive, Boulder, CO 80303.