Message #389:

From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG

To:   Matthias Giessler

Subject: Tidwel Convicted; Lamb Pled Guilty

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 19:22:08 -0700

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From: Anne Vawser
Subject: NPS Morning Report
97-746 - Southwest SO (NM) - Assist; ARPA/NAGPRA Prosecution
During the fall of 1995, special agents from the Service's Southwest
Support Office and BIA initiated Operation Breaklink, an investigation into
ARPA and NAGPRA violations on Hopi tribal lands.  The investigation, led by
BIA, resulted in 26 federal grand jury indictments against Rodney Tidwell
of Payson, Arizona, for trafficking in sacred items and objects of cultural
patrimony from both Hopi and Acoma lands.  Tidwell had previously been
convicted of similar violations in an investigation which also involved the
NPS.  Tidwell's trail began early this month.  On December 11th, the jury,
following about three hours' deliberation, found Tidwell guilty on 20 of
the 26 felony counts.  [Phil Young, SA, Southwest SO, 12/11]

97-734 - Glen Canyon NRA (AZ/UT) - ARPA/NAGPRA Conviction
On November 21st, Richard Lamb pled guilty in federal court in Salt Lake
City to one felony ARPA count and one misdemeanor NAGPRA count, both
stemming from his sale of the skull of a prehistoric Native American male
adult (probably from the Basketmaker culture) to an undercover park
criminal investigator. At the time of the sale, Lamb was under
investigation by a local drug task force which includes representatives
from the park among its members.  The ARPA offense came under the
interstate commerce provision of the statute because Lamb transported the
skull from its storage location in Arizona to the place of sale in Utah
just before the sale - a violation of statutes in both Arizona and Utah.
Lamb is currently in state prison in Utah for sale of methamphetamines
following a conviction on charges stemming from the drug task force
operation.  [David Sandbakken, LES, GLCA, 12/3]