Message #388:

From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG

To:   Matthias Giessler

Subject: New Mexico BLM/SHPO Protocol

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 18:53:19 -0700

From: Lynne Sebastian 

December 12, 1997


To:  Groups and individuals interested in Bureau of Land Management
compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. 

From:  Lynne Sebastian, State Historic Preservation Officer

Re:  New Mexico SHPO/BLM consultation protocol

In March of this year, the Bureau of Land Management and the Advisory
Council on Historic Preservation concluded a nationwide programmatic
agreement governing how BLM will meet its responsibilities under Section
106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. One of the requirements of
the agreement is that each BLM state must negotiate a protocol with the
State Historic Preservation Officer describing the process by which BLM
will seek the SHPO's views and carry out consultations.  

BLM New Mexico and the State Historic Preservation Division have completed
the first round of negotiation and have a draft document.  Before
continuing the negotiations, I would like to request input from tribes,
individuals and companies doing business on BLM land, archaeological
consultants, and others with an interest in this process.

It is important that potential commenters understand that this protocol
document does not address the manner in which BLM takes into account the
effects of its undertakings on historic properties or the way in which BLM
will consult with tribes, applicants, and other interested parties.  Those
matters are addressed in the nationwide programmatic agreement and in the
BLM's manuals.  The protocol only covers the process of BLM consultations
with SHPO, and under the terms of the programmatic agreement, there will be
no case-by-case SHPO consultations except in the case of undertakings that
BLM finds will affect eligible historic properties, less than 4% of BLM
undertakings in New Mexico during a given year.

If you wish to review a copy of the draft protocol, please contact me by
e-mail  or call the Division at (505) 827-6320.
We hoping to distribute this document through e-mail as much as possible to
save postage; if you request an e-mail copy let us know which attachment
format is easier for you to handle:  Wordperfect, Microsoft Word, or text

The comment period will close January 15, 1998.