Message #386:

From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG

To:   Matthias Giessler

Subject: Historic Grazing Camps Artifact ID Request

Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997 13:34:04 -0700

From: David A. Phillips Jr

During its recent survey of Horace Mesa, near Grants, New Mexico, SWCA
found several examples of an artifact for which I'd like to get an ID.  The
items occur on historic grazing camps (probably for sheep; possibly
Hispanic) and consist of logs, some 3 to 3.5 m long and about 18 cm in
diameter, that have been grooved or hollowed out much like a "canoa" or
dugout trough -- though in my experience canoas have a larger diameter. Has
anyone out there found similar items, and if so, what do you think they are?

Dave Phillips
SWCA, Inc. - Albuquerque