Message #324:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: 1997 Pecos Conference Schedule
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 21:28:39 -0700

The 1997 Pecos Conference was extremely successful with approximately 650
registered attendees.  In fact, it was one of the BEST Pecos Conferences of
the past 10 years!  The schedule appended below informs regarding who spoke
and topics presented.  SWA encourages conference speakers and participants
to send their papers and conference critiques for publication on SWA.  SWA
also would like to publish any unique photos taken during the conference.
For more SWA information on official Pecos Conference archives, point at:
BTW the 1998 Pecos Conference Sponsors will be Pecos National Historic
Park, NPS (Pecos NM). Tom Windes will be turning over Pecos 1997 mailing
list to next year's sponsor, and will be able to donate funds to the Pecos
Conference kitty.  The 1997 event cost approximately 25 K (tents, catering,
porta-johns, band, etc) not including host park staff time.  As discussed
at the 1997 Pecos Conference Business Meeting, proposed sites (1999-2002)
will include: Apache-Sitgreaves Natl Forests-UA-ASU Consortium (somewhere
on the A-S Natl Forest, AZ); Museum of New Mexico/State Monuments (NM);
Museum of Northern Arizona (Flagstaff); and, one location yet to be decided
(the hint was made for somewhere in Utah)  --  SASIG Ed.

Pecos Conference 1997 Schedule of Events

Notes: All events will be held in the Conference Tent unless otherwise
noted. Maximum 8 minutes for all talks.

THURSDAY 14 August

RECEPTION at Chaco Visitor's Center.
Registration Packet Pick-up and Late Registration

Movie: 1932 UNM Field school at Chetro Ketl (Auditorium)
presented by Tom Vaughan
Telescopes in the Visitor's Center parking I

FRIDAY 15 August

Registration Packet Pick-up and Late Registration


Welcome by Superintendent: Butch Wilson
NPS Opening remarks: Tom Windes, NPS
Invocation: Richard Anderson, Navajo Tribe
Announcements: Rory Gauthier, NPS
In praise of Chaco: Dave Stuart, UNM
Pecos Conference review: Tom Windes, NPS

Chris Hardaker
Non-Random Geometry: Cracking the Design Code for Chaco Kivas

Jim Walker
Low Altitude Large Scale Reconnaissance in SW

Jim Walker
Low Altitude Reconnaissance in Aztec NHS

John Stein & Richard Friedman
Mapping Ancient Landscapes: Navajo Tribe & McKinley Co.


Chair: Dick Chapman

Melisa Schroeder, NPS
The Archaic of the Grand Canyon: A View From the Rim

A. Wayne Prokopetz & Mary Bernard, NPS
Archaic of Northern Colorado Plateau

Bruce Huckell
McEuen Cave Test Excavations


Chair: Dick Chapman

Cynthia A Bettison & Betty J Roth
Mimbres Mogolion Variability: The Lake Roberts Vista Site

Barbara Mills, UA
Silver Creek Arch Project (1997) Within the Mogollon Rim Area of AZ

Gary Brown, W Arch Resource Mgmt
Mogollon Occupation of the Mimbres Uplands

Gina Powell & Kristi Amtzen
Flora and Fauna from Henderson Site, Roswell, NM

Darrell Creel, UT Austin
Prehistoric Road & Related Features at Old Town Site on the Lower Mimbres

Chair: John Roney

Brian Kenny, Southwestern Archaeology Web Site
Spider Woman Taught Us How to Weave: SW Arch on WWW

Phillip J Tuwaletstiwa, Hopi Tribe
Early Geodetic Work at Chaco, GPS, and Arch


Chair:     John Roney

John Roney & Bob Hard, BLM
Preliminary Results from Excavations at Cerro Juanaquena, Mexico

Michael Burney, Cocopah Tribe
Tribal Arch Program of Cocopah Indians of SW US & Mexico

Ramon Olivas, NPS
US/Mexico Accomplishments and Future Projects


Chair:    Jerry Fetterman

John A Giacobbe, SFC Engineering Co.
Skeletal Anomalies with Behavioral Characteristics Discerned Through
Artifactual Remains

Shawn W Carlyle, U of UT
Potential of Ancient DNA in the US SW

Christy G Turner, ASU
Cannibalism and Violence Within Chaco Canyon


WORKSHOP (Social Tent)

SW Arch Obsidian Studies: Lessons from the Past & Ideas for the Future
Organized by Steven Shackley, U of CA

GUIDED TOUR to Navajo sites in Chacra/ Wijiji area
(tour leader: Dave Brugge)
GUIDED TOUR of Pueblo Alto
(tour leader: Wolky Toll or Bill Gillespie)

Bill Lucius, Pigeon River Farms
San Juan Anasazi Origins: A Heretical Viewpoint

Kerry Thompson, NNAD NAU
Roads Archaeology on the Reservation

Carol Ambruster & Anthony B Hull
Horizon Astronomy at an Early Navajo Ceremonial Rock Art Habitation Site in
Chaco Canyon

Janet Lever
Rock Art Recording Examples/Other Countries as well as the Southwest

J McKim Malville, R Watson, & GB Cornucopia
The Three Faces of Piedra del Sol

Chair: Cory Breternitz

Ron F Ryden, Michael Stubing, & Douglas R Mitchell, SWCA Inc.
Prehistoric & Historic Use of W Estrella Mt Foothills
Edgar K Huber, Statistical Research Inc.
Settlement Patterns on the Middle Santa Cruz

David Doyel, Estrella Cultural
Excavations in the Globe Highlands

Cory Dale Breternitz, Soil Systems Inc.
SSI Projects in the Phoenix Basin 1996-1997
Matthew H Bilsbarrow, Arch Res. Services
Settlement Patterns in the Middle Agua Fria River Area: Hohokam and Perry
Mesa Traditions

Jerry D Lyon, SWCA Inc.
Survey Along a W Papagueria Shell Trade Corridor

Chair:   Peter McKenna

Wayne Prokopetz
Archaic of the Northern Colorado Plateau

Patricia Hancock
Dendrochrolological Dates of the Dinetah

Hoski Schaafsma, Arch Consulting Serv.
Apache Reoccupation of Salado Sites

Jim Judge, Ft Lewis College
Puzzle House Site Report: Trials & Tribulations of Electronic Publishing

Mark Varien, Crow Canyon
Crow Canyon Excavations at Yellow Jacket Pueblo & Shields Pueblo

Steve Lekson, CU
New Data, Same Line: Research on the Chaco Meridian


Chair: Jane Kolber

Jane Kolber, AZ Arch Society
AZ Arch Society Rock Art Recording Field School, Deadman Wash, Coconino NF

Jay C Crotty, Helen Crotty, & Jane Kolber
The Rock Art Field School at Chaco

Carol Ambruster & Anthony B Hull
Horizon Astronomy at an Early Navajo Ceremonial Rock Art Habitation Site in
Chaco Canyon
Meg Heath, BLM Heritage Education
Putting Teachers to Work Recording Rock Art


Chair: F. Joan Mathien

David Eck, Zuni Cultural Resources
Colorado Plateau

Linda Martin, USFS
A Fine Kettle of Fish

John A Peterson & Martha Yates, UTEP
Wild Horse Canyon Field School, High Altitude Agriculture

David V Hill, Vandiver, & Peterson
Examining Prehistoric Settlement in the Gallina Area: Results of the Wild
Horse Canyon Arch Field School

Dody Fugate, Laboratory of Anthropology
Reservoir Dogs: Canines in the Gobernador

J Michael Bremer, US Forest Service
Cavates of Garcia Canyon

David R Wilcox, Museum of N AZ
Recent Cohonina Archaeology

Peg Davis & John Hohmann
The Las Vegas Valley, Nevada: Prehistoric or Great Basin?

Brian Biliman, Soil Systems Inc.
The Puebloan Occupation of the S Piedmont of Ute Mt, CO

Ross Curtis, Durango Arch Consultants
Late BM 11 Occupation in the Durango Area

Richard Wilshusen, LaPlata Arch Consult.
Significance of PI Communities in NW NM: Cedar Hill & Frances Mesa Projects

J McKim Malville, R Watson, & GB Cornucopia
The Three Faces of Piedra del Sol

Coordinator:     Peter McKenna


Chair: John Schelberg

Marietta Davenport
Richard Wetherill

James Snead, ANINH
Dr. Hewett and Mr. Hyde: Hyde Expedition and SW Arch

Jeff Thomas, Northland Pioneer College
Edgar Hewett & the School of American Research in Chaco

Gwinn Vivian, ASM
Gordon Vivian

Wesley Hurt
The Chaco Canyon Field School


Chair: Eric Blinman

Joe M Brisbin, NPS
Kiln Excavations and Re-Firing of a Prehistoric Kiln

Dinner (Mexican food, catered)
Chaco: The Last 20 Years -- Outsiders Looking In

Chair:     Steve Lekson


ASTRONOMY BONANZA: Telescopes in the Visitor's Center parking lot

SATURDAY 16 August

DEMONSTRATION: Kiln pot Firing
Registration Packet Pick-up and Late Registration


Nina Swidler, Rena M Martin, & Elaine Cleveland
The Voices of the Dine: Cultural Preservation & Heritage Education

Johna Hutira, Northland Research
Sites, Science, and Souvenirs: The Public Meets Arch

Brian Jacobs & Richard Gatewood
Restoration of a Degraded Cultural Landscape

Scott Courtright & Esther Morgan
Anchan Timeline

Kevin Wellman
Stratified Deposits at I- I O/Cortalo Road, Tucson, AZ

Chair: Dave Brugge

Vern Hensler, Navajo Nation
Of Warriors and Miners

John Stein, Navajo Tribe
The Pain and Pitfalls of Ethnography: Part I

Klara Kelley, Navajo Tribe
The Pain and Pitfalls of Ethnography: Part II

Dennis Gilpin, SWCA
Navajo Local Histories and Historic Preservation: A Methodological &
Histographical Analysis

Theodore Frisbie, SIU-E
The Solomon Farmstead, Lower Nutria, Zuni Reservation, NM

Ginny Newton, SWCA
Ethnohistoric and TCP Analysis of the Carlota Project, Central AZ


Chair: Elizabeth Mozzillo

Ann Owen
Bandelier and Mesa Verde Firestudy

Michael Elliot
The Field Logistics of a Large Arch Project in the Wilderness

Mike Brennan
Strategies of Hydrological Treatments, Prescriptions, & Monitoring of
Threatened Arch Sites

Samantha Ruscavage-Barz, WSU
Subsurface Effects of Wildfires on Arch Materials

Lisa Schub
Arch Data Recovery in the Wake of Catastrophe

Earl Ruby
Fire Effects on Watersheds

Shannon Smith
Fluvial Processes and Arch

Duane Archualeta
Firefighter's Perspective on Cultural Resources Management

Michelle Ensey
Discoveries of the 1996 Field Season

Samantha Ruscavage-Barz, WSU
Bandelier Fire Assessment

Julie Bell, NPS
Condition Assessment and Post-Fire Documentation of Alcove Sites, Mesa Verde

Paul Blomgren
Fire and Erosion Effects on Arch Sites at Mesa Verde

Gay Ives, NPS
Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) Project at Mesa Verde:
Assessment of Damage to Cultural Resources

Wendy Nettles, NPS
Historic Sites at Mesa Verde, Types and Treatments

Cynthia Williams, NPS
New Site at Mesa Verde Revealed by the Chapin #5 Fire 

Ed Maloney, NPS
Arch Sites Hazardous Fuels Assessment Program

GUIDED TOUR to the Rock Art of Mockingbird Canyon
(tour leader: Jane Kolber)

GUIDED TOUR of Pueblo Alto
(tour leader: Wolky Toll or Bill Gillespie)


Chair: Tom Windes

Ed Huber, Statistical Research Inc.
Survey and Test Excavations in a IO Sq.  Mile Area S of Tucson
Brian Kenny, MCDOT
Middens, Mormons and Maricopas, and the Motoring Masses
John Hohmann, L Berger & Assoc
New Approaches to Historic Ranching Studies

John Welch, White Mt Apache Tribe
White Mountain Apache Heritage Program Update

Kit Sargeant
Los Ranchos NM Spanish Colonial Plaza Excavation

Chair:     Barbara Mills

Laurie Webster, U of A
Cultural Affiliation & Gender Issues in Late Prehistoric Zuni Weaving

Daniel Allen Cutrone & R Stull Plymale-Sch
Technology of Deadman's Pottery from Nancy Patterson & Decker Sites, SE UT:
A Tribute to Anna 0. Shepard

Kathy Niles Hensler, Navajo Nation
Thermal Stress Tests of PH Chuskan Utility Wares from the N33 Project

Eric Blinman, MNM
Turning Rio Grande Ceramics Inside-Out

Dean Wilson, Museum of NM
Regional Implications of Developmental Phase Ceramic Trends in the Tewa Basin

Emiliano Gatiaga, INAH, Sonora Mexico
Ceramic Analysis of the Cerro de Trincheras Project

Lee Fratt, AZ State Museum
Use of Ground Stone Quarries in the Homol'ovi Area

Lee Fratt, AZ State Museum
Grinding in the Anasazi Household

Aleta Jean Lawrence, USFS
Surface Scatters & Significance: Another Look



Daniel Allen Cutrone, Golden West
The Decker Site, SE UT

Diane White, Lincoln NF
Arch of the Lincoln National Forest

Michael Montgomery, James Gunderson, & F. Joan Mathien
Meta-argillite: Raw Materials of the Chaco Canyon Area

Gregory Munson, NPS
Pecked Basins, Astronomy & Social Integration at Mesa Verde


Chair: Dave Breternitz
Recognitions, Honors, Obituaries, Archives, & Finances


Chair:    Tom Windes

James B Walker, Arch Conservancy
Arch Preserves Within Subdivision Developments; Making a Case for
Preservation in Place

James B Walker, Arch Conservancy
The Arch Conservancy: Recent Acquisitions in SW

LouAnn Jacobson, Anasazi Heritage Center
The Anasazi Heritage Center After the Dolores Project

Alan Skinner, AR Consultants
Arch Merit Badge (Boy Scouts)



Chair: Bob Powers

Gen Head, NPS
1997 Field Season of Pecos NHP Survey

Janet McVickar, NPS
Life Above the Bridges

Larry Nordby, NPS
Documenting Cliff Palace Architecture

Gregory Munson, NPS
Pecked Basins, Astronomy & Social Integration at Mesa Verde

Rich Lange, U of A
Continuing Research in Homol'ovi Ruin State Park

Tim Canady, Jack Bums, Laird Naylor, NPS
High Altitude Surveys in Cedar Breaks Nat'l Mon, UT


Chair:     Cathy Cameron

Winston Hurst
Chaco Wannabe, or Periphery? Observations on the Edge of the Cedars
Not-So-Greathouse Site, UT

Nancy Mahoney, ASU
Survey and Excavation Around Cottonwood Falls, a Greathouse in SE UT

Cathy Cameron
Bluff Great House Site

Michael J Proper, ENMU
The Eleanor Site

Ruth Van Dyke, U of A
Recent Progress Toward A Comparative Spatial Analysis of Outlier Communities

Paula Massouh
Tower Kiva Sites of Kin Ya'a and Kin Klizhin

Anne Marshall
Siting at Kin Bineola

David Ortiz, Navajo Tribe
Review of Stabilization of Fajada Butte

Theodore Frisbie
The Proponents of Mesoamerican Pochetca at Chaco

CHACO FIELD HANDS REUNION at the Chaco Visitor's Center
Chair: John Schelberg

Dinner (traditional Pecos feed, catered BBQ)

Recognition of Stabilization Crews
Introduction: Cecil Werito & Dabney Ford

Band: Picante

SUNDAY 17 August

DEMONSTRATION: Kiln pot removal


Aztec & Salmon Ruins: Self-guided tours

Large Chacoan greathouses on the San Juan & Animas Rivers near Bloomfield, NM.
Aztec has the only reconstructed great kiva in existence.

Bis sa'ani Pueblo on Escavada Wash: Guided tour with Cory Breternitz
A late Chacoan greathouse perched on a narrow ridge of clay aside the
Escavada Wash Dear the park.  Excavated in the 1980s.  About 5 miles
outside the park.

East Community area/Pueblo Pintado: Guided tour with Tom Windes
Chacoan greathouse communities in the east Chaco Wash area, with Mesa Verde
re-occupations.  About a 15 mile, 2-track drive between the park and Pueblo

Guadalupe Pueblo/E Puerco Valley near Cuba: Guided tour with Steve Durand
Scenic trip to an excavated Chacoan greathouse on the Rio Puerco.  Site is
located on a narrow mesa overlooking a community of sites in the valley.

Dinetah Navajo area/Gobernador Canyon: Guided tour with Larry Baker A look
at several Navajo Pueblito sites in the canyons 35 miles north of Chaco.

Chacra Mesa Ruins: Post-Chacoan; Navajo; Mesa Verdean (including CM-100 and
Raton Wells): Guided tour with John Roney and Gwinn Vivian A look at the
Mesa Verdean and Navajo occupation of Chacra Mesa east of Pueblo Pintado.

Rock art panels in Werito's Rincon and Gallo Wash: Guided tour with Jane
Kolber. A tour of rock art in Werito's Rincon.

Borrego Pass sweat lodge experience: Guided tour with Richard Anderson
Located SE of Crownpoint.
MONDAY TRIP: Rio Cuervo Archaic & Misc. Cynthia Irwin-Williams study area
Guided tour with Steve Durand Rio Puerco Archaic site tour of Cynthia
Irwin-Williams' 1970s-1980s research area

Kin Klizhin/Kin Bineola/Kin Ya'a at Crownpoint and Greathouse in the
Crownpoint region: Guided tour with Dabney Ford and John Stein
Chacoan outlying greathouses and tower kivas.  About 15 miles of 2-track.
Check the notebook for the originally listed tour.  If you are listed you
have first choice for tours a & b below, and the PI Valley tour. You have
until 12:00pm Saturday to sign-up. After 1:00pm Saturday, tours will be
open to all until full.

Kin Ya'a, Peach Springs, and other greathouse sites?
Guided tour with John Stein Chacoan outlying greathouses and tower kivas in
the Crownpoint region.

Kin Klizhin & Kin Bineola: Guided tour with Dabney Ford Sites between Chaco
Canyon and Lake Valley, NM. 20 miles of dirt road
between Chaco & State Road 371.

PI Valley: Guided tour with Peter McKenna Early Chacoan (PI-Pll)
archaeology along State Road 57, 8 miles south of the park.

Schedule of Ranger Guided Tours & Programs During the Pecos Conference
(August 14 - 16, 1997)

Thursday, August 14, 1997

Star Party presented by Ranger G.B. Cornucopia at the Visitor Center Patio
or Parking Lot

Friday, August 15, 1997

Pueblo Bonito -  Guided walk led by Ranger Phoebe Werito
beginning at the Pueblo Bonito Parking Lot

Una Vida - Guided walk led by Ranger Ramona Begay-Martinez
beginning at the Visitor Center Parking Lot

Pueblo Bonito - Guided walk led by Ranger Cheryl Ford
beginning at the Pueblo Bonito Parking Lot

Hungo Pavi - Guided walk led by Ranger G.B. Cornucopia
beginning at the Hungo Pavi parking lot

Star Party presented by Ranger G.B. Cornucopia
at the Visitor Center Patio/Parking Lot

Saturday, August 16, 1997

Una Vida - Guided walk led by Ranger Ramona Begay-Martinez
Pueblo Bonito - Guided walk led by Ranger Phoebe Werito
Pueblo Bonito - Guided walk led by Ranger Cheryl Ford
Casa Rinconada - Guided walk led by Ranger G.B. Cornucopia
Archaeoastronomy - Evening program presented by Ranger G.B. Cornucopia

Tours and programs may be subject to change without notice.
Please check with the Pecos Conference Coordinator.