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Subject: 300 Years of California Mission History Conference
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 23:24:01 -0700 

From: Anita Cohen-Williams 


Saturday, October 4 - Sunday, October 5, 1997
The Temple in San Diego Heritage Park, Old Town, San Diego, California
Sponsored by the California Council for the Humanities

This event is organized in recognition of the 300th anniversary of the
founding of the first mission in the Californias at Loreto, Baja
California. It is the initial event in a week-long series of activities
that recognize the Ibero-American experience. San Diego has a proud and
fascinating Native American and Ibero-American history. The roles of the
two cultures will be addressed by nine speakers over the two days, in
non-technical presentations and panel discussions.

Nine community leaders and scholars have been asked to address their
remarks to aspects of the mission era in both Californias. The panel will
include Native Americans and scholars who have approached history from the
Native American and other perspectives. The public is invited at no
admission charge, although donations will be gratefully accepted.

Larry Banegas, Community leader, Barona Band of Kumeyaay People
Topic: Family Recollections Related to Life at the California Missions

Michael L. Connolly, Community leader, Kumeyaay People
Topic: Non-mission Native Peoples Living in the Colonial Period in San Diego

Dr. Iris Engstrand, Professor of History, University of San Diego
Topic: Scientific Investigations Outside the Religious Frameworks in the
Mission Era

Kristina Foss, Director of the Santa Barbara Mission Museum, Instructor,
Santa Barbara Community College.
Topic: The Religious Commune and its Cultural Expression

Dr. Robert L. Hoover, Professor of Social Sciences, California Polytechnic
State University, San Luis Obispo.
Topic: The Contrasting Patterns of Alta and Baja California Missions

Dr. Charles Polzer, S.J., Director, Documentary Relations of the Southwest,
University of Arizona, Tucson.
Topic: Understanding the Jesuit Commitment to baja California in Light of
Bolton's Hypothesis

Dr. David Shaul, Investigator, Bureau of Applied Anthropology, University
of Arizona, Tucson
Topic: Native Voices Sing a Different Account of Spanish Missions

Dr. Florence Shipek, Retired Costo Chair in American Indian Studies at the
University of Caifornia, Riverside.
Topic: Native Perspectives of the Caifornia Mission Experience

Dr. Jack S. Williams, Executive Director - The Center for Spanish Colonial
Archaeology, San Diego.
Topic: The Role and Significance of the Mission in the Military Defense and
Strategic Problems of Alta and Baja California

Schedule of Activities:
Saturday, October 4
9am-1pm Introductions and presentations
1pm-2pm Lunch recess
2pm-4pm Tour of the San Diego Presidio archaeological project

Sunday, October 5
9am-1pm Presentations
1pm-2pm Lunch recess
2pm-4pm Presentations and panel discussions





Registration donation (optional)
________@$30.00 each

Mail checks made payable to the Center for Spanish Colonial Archaeology to:

Center for Spanish Colonial Archaeology
4060 Morena Blvd, Suite G-250
San Diego, CA 92117

Anita Cohen-Williams
Co-listowner/manager of ANTHRO-L
Contributing Editor, Anthropology, Suite101