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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Site Steward Program Update
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 20:07:33 -0700

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From:   Mary Estes 
The Arizona Site Steward Program, a network of volunteers trained and
certified by the State Historic Preservation Office, Arizona State
Parks, monitor archaeological and paleontological sites in Arizona and
report vandalism to the various participating land managers, the Pioneer
Cemetery Association, and private land owners.  Currently, 450 Site
Stewards monitor approximately 800 sites around the state of Arizona. 

Funding Issue:
Wonderful News! The funding to support the Site Steward Program for two
more years has been raised through the various land managers
participating in the program. To date, the land managers have
contributed $22,000 to fund the position of the Resource Protection
Specialist, which is the offical title of the state program coordinator
for the program.  We are waiting to hear from our newest partners, the
Bureau of Reclamation and Arizona Game and Fish, so the amount could be
even higher by the end of the FY. Several private donations from
concerned individuals and organizations throughout Arizona and New
Mexico were also made to the program.  Every dollar has made a
difference. The Arizona State Parks Board has approved funding for the
remaining costs, or approximately $19,000 annually.  Our staff at State
Parks is working on agreements with the contributing federal and state 
entities to formalize these pledges of support. Everyone we talked with
and heard from, acknowledges how important and 
worthwhile this program is and we cannot thank you--our 
partners--enough for your support. We realize with the current trend of
federal and state budget cutting, these partners had to dig deep to come
up with money to support this program, and the level of support offered
only goes to show how valued the dedication of our  Site Steward is, and
how much the public agencies feel they benefit from the Stewards efforts
at site protection and public outreach efforts (Stewards logged over
1000 hours in 1997 in public outreach/education efforts).

New Land Mangers Participating in the Program:
In addition to the Bureau of Reclamation, Arizona Game and Fish 
Department has joined the program, and the Town of Prescott Valley is in
the process of getting their agreement through the process to
participate. If any of our web site readers know of sites on lands
managed by these agencies that are receiving vandalism, please contact
Tom Lincoln/Carol Telles with the BOR at 395-5601; and Sue Mortensen
with Arizona Game and Fish at (602) 789-3486.

Regional Stewards Workshops:
Mark September 20 and October 4 on your calendars!  Anyone interested in
learning more about the Arizona Site Steward Program may want to attend
one of these workshops with training sessions on the "Leave No Trace"
concept of outdoor skills & ethics. Instructors  are Masters of the
concept courtesy of the BLM. These workshops are to be held in Camp
Verde at the Cliff Palace Casino patio area on Sept. 20, and in Tucson
at the Pima County Parks and Rec. facility on October 4.  For more
information about these free workshops, contact Mary Estes at (602)
542-7143 or .

Quarterly Newsletter:
Anyone wanting to receive the voice of the Site Steward Program, the
Arizona WATCH, could contact Mary Estes at the above number or E-Mail
address.  The September issue is now available. Please indicate if you
would like to be on the mailing list to receive future issues, and a
brochure/application about the Site Steward Program, or if you are
interested in one-time issue only just to see who we are and what we are
all about.