Message #158:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: 1997 Passport in Time (PIT) Programs
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 13:49:17 -0700

From:	John Parsons

Last year I think you sent out a list of all the PIT projects.  If you
can't put it on the maillist this year where's the URL to find them?  Keep
up the good work--you're the ONLY list I'm hanging onto in the ocean of
information inundation they call the Inet.

John -- Try the following four links for 1997 PIT information:

Volunteering Opportunities -- Opportunities to volunteer on the National
Interested in history and archaeology? There are a number of opportunities
to have a delightful holiday working on a archaeological excavation or
restoring a historical structure. For a catalog of volunteer opportunities
contact: Passport In Time Clearinghouse, PO Box 31315, Tucson, AZ
85751-1315, 1-800-281-9176 520-722-2716 (local Tucson residents). Fax:
520-298-7044. e-mail: You may also see a listing of
Passport in Time projects through the Colorado Archaeological Society (Not
FS).  Interested in volunteering for trail work, campground host,
interpreter, or many other interesting opportunties on the National Forest?
Subscribe to "Helping Out in the Outdoors" a directory of volunteer work
and internships on America's Public Lands. The directory lists over 500
volunteer opportunties on the National Forest as well as other federal and
state public lands. The directory is published by American Hiking Society
and may be obtained for $7.00 a single copy or a three year subscription
for $18.00. Contact American Hiking Society, P.O. Box 20160, Washington, DC
20041-2160; Telephone (703) 255-9304; FAX (703) 255-9308; E-mail address, . The Clearinghouse and Hiking Society are partners with
the Forest Service to help you identify volunteer opportunites that match
your interests. 

Passport in Time, also known as 'PIT', provides opportunities for
individuals and families to work with professional archaeologists and
historians on historic preservation projects. Archaeological excavation,
historic structure restoration, and oral history are just some of the
possibilities. There is no registration fee or cost for participating. The
PIT Traveler, announcing the current season's opportunities, is published
twice a year - in March and September. As a PIT volunteer, you will take
part in vital environmental and historical research on national forests
across the nation. Your participation will
directly contribute to the understanding of the human story in North
America and to the preservation of the fragile sites that chronicle that
story. You will share in new discoveries, learn about the science of
archaeology, and meet many new friends. Jill A. Osborn, National
Coordinator Passport in Time, U.S. Forest Service

PIT Projects, Summer-Fall 1997  --  The following are opportunities for
volunteers in the United States Department of Agriculture, National Forest
Service, Passport In Time (PIT) projects. If you wish to participate in
any of these projects, please print the application form, complete the
information required, and send it to the PIT Project Clearinghouse in
Tucson (the address is on the application). Most projects have an
application date of either April 15 or June 15. The application form can
also be used to request a copy of the PIT Traveler, a printed catalog of
the projects. You may also request a PIT Traveler by calling the PIT
Clearinghouse at (800) 281-9176. Even if a project is past its
application date, call the PIT Clearinghouse - some projects do not get
a full compliment of volunteers. Projects listed here can be accessed
using separate indexes by state or by primary project function.  For all
projects and unless stated otherwise, the volunteer must provide their
own transportation to the project area, clothing and camping gear, food,
and other personal items.  This information has been copied from the PIT
Traveler. The preparation of this web-site list has not been assisted by
the USDA National Forest Service or the PIT Project Clearinghouse. The
information is provided as a service to the archaeological and volunteer
communities and the accuracy of the information presented is solely my
responsibility. I apologize for any omissions, misspellings, typographic
errors or any other errors in content. - Tom Cree --  You may access the
PIT Projects in two ways - by state or by primary function. The State
Index allows you to link to the state(s) for which you have an interest.
The Topic Index provides all projects that fall within a category
(building restorations, back-packing, archaeological excavations,
archaeological survey, rock art, trains, mining, metal detector, etc.).

PIT Projects, State Index  -- Projects by alphabetical order of states,
then National Forest(s) within the state: Alaska Arizona California
Colorado District of Colombia Georgia Idaho Illinois Louisiana Michigan
Minnesota Montana Nebraska Nevada New Mexico North Carolina Oregon
Pennsylvania South Dakota Utah Virginia Washington Wisconsin Wyoming