Message #151:

From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG

To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 

Subject: Site Steward Program

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 20:47:57 -0700

From: Shereen Lerner 

A point of clarification regarding funding of the site steward 

position-(otherwise known as Mary Estes). While the program began as an all

volunteer organization, it needed staff to keep it going. You simply cannot

coordinate 400 people on a volunteer basis. Jack Bashaw, the initial

coordinator, volunteered his time nearly 30 hours a week to keep it going.

A funded position was needed to pull it all together and ensure the program

would run smoothly. 

Another point of clarification. When I was SHPO we requested of the

legislature (through the State Parks budgeting process), and received,

funding for a site steward position. The Director of State Parks chose not

to allocate that funding to the position, instead using the state dollars

to fund a position in State Parks, not the SHPO office. So the SHPO had to

use federal dollars to fund the position. Well, the federal dollars have

shrunk and there is no longer enough money to keep the position funded. The

question is, why can't the Director give back the funds he "borrowed" for

State Parks? The legislature did support the position, but it is the

director's perrogative (sp?) to 

disburse the funds.

The Parks Board needs to hear about this. I urge all to contact the members

of the Parks Board with concerns and ask them to address the issue.

Shereen Lerner


Note -- Following information appended by SASIG Editor:


Arizona State Parks Webpage 

E-mail address 

Kenneth E.Travous, 

The Arizona State Parks Board appointed Mr.Travous Executive  Director in

1987.  Mr. Travous, originally from Belleville, Illinois, came to Arizona

State Parks as the Deputy Director in 1986 after working as the Chief of

Planning & Development for the Tennessee State Parks System for

approximately two years.

Previously, he had been employed as the Chief of Comprehensive Planning for

the Utah State Parks Department for five years. Mr. Travous' educational

background includes a B.S. in Biology from the Illinois State University

and an M.S. in Recreation/Planning from the University of Utah.

Charles R. Eatherly, Deputy Director 

1014 E Marlette Av Phoenix,AZ 85014-1650; (602)280-7793 

Arizona State Parks Office

1300 West Washington St, Phoenix AZ 85007; (602) 542-4009

Arizona State Parks Board Members

William G Roe, Chairman

2318 E Elm St, Tucson,AZ 85719-4333; (520)795-7310 

Vernon M Roudebush

Upland Est, Safford,AZ 85546; (520)428-2928 

J Rukin Jelks

1960 Az Hwy, Elgin,AZ 85611; (520)455-9328 

Joseph H. Holmwood

3816 East Dover Street, Mesa AZ; (602) 924-6455

Anyone have addresses or phone numbers for 

the following State Park Board members?

Ruth Udall Paterson

St. Johns, AZ

Sheri J. Graham

Sedona, AZ

M. Jean Hassell