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To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 

Subject: Re: Bob Euler Says " NOT ! " to Unilateral Disarmament

Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 21:10:15 -0700

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Lester --  Might I recommend that the Site Stewards use Microsoft Access

(software) to create the database you desire.  If the Stewards need advice

regarding building such a database,  I think SWA can hunt up a few

archaeologically-minded programmers around the State who can advise the

program volunteers.

I think the legislature 'did' the budget numbers, and the State Parks

director allocated funds; that left SHPO to think about cuts in

non-mandated programs.  I don't think the legislature purposely

(specifically) cut the funding to the award-winning site stewards, but, the

trickle down effect of their legislative decision may doom the program.  I

urge you to e-mail Carol Griffith and get the facts.

BTW here are e-mail addresses for AZ lawmakers.  I think a coordinated

public response needs to be given to the legislature.

One thing SWA can do is set up a Yahoo chat session and invite all SASIG

members to sign on-line for the chat.  The Stewards with e-mail (like

yourself) could use the chat session to share information that would lead

to better coordination when corresponding with the legislature.  Let me

know if SWA can help the site stewards.

BTW the first response should be , what can we do to keep Mary running the

program, and, can this PC technology help reduce program costs or improve

program effectiveness?  How do we keep an award-winning effective program

alive and functioning?



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At 11:15 PM 4/10/97 EDT, you wrote:



>I agree with Dr. Euler.  I have already polled our Site Stewards

>   and they all agree to keep up the volunteer effort as best we

>   can, even if we are deprived of Mary Estes' expert guidance.


>We would keep the local Land Managers informed by using 

>   a local PC to capture the site visits in a data base designed

>   for that purpose.


>We will be very unhappy if the State Legislature has cut SHPO's

>   funding so much that it could no longer support an effort that

>   received the BLM's National "Making A Difference" award just

>   last year.


>We probably should "Make A Difference" in who gets our support

>   and our votes in the next election.


>Les Chapman

>Regional Coordinator

>Region #3, Sierra Vista