Message #146:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Arizona Site Stewards To Go Belly-Up!
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 21:18:00 -0700 

[Carol Griffith, Deputy AZ SHPO, informed SWA that the following letter
was sent to several agencies.  The AZ Site Stewards program is about to
go 'belly-up' without action.  This award-winning program integrated and
mobilized several hundred public volunteers to help protect Arizona's
archaeological sites from vandalism and destruction.  Read the letter at
the designated URL, or read the text of the letter appended below. You
can call (602)542-7143 / (602)542-7141 / FAX(602)542-4180, or, e-mail
offers of support or program-saving re-organization and funding ideas to
Carol Griffith and Mary Estes
 at the AZ SHPO. If a small cadre of volunteers
can form quickly, the SWA web site may be used to cobble together
program administration and emergency information sharing activities
until the time the program is granted a reprieve.   -- SASIG Ed. ]

March 31, 1997 

Bob Herring Maricopa County Parks 3475 W. Durango Street Phoenix, AZ.

Dear Mr. Herring:

I am writing this letter to seek your assistance regarding the
continuation of the Arizona Site Steward Program. Since 1986, the
Arizona Site Steward Program volunteers have worked with landmanagers
and the Hopi Tribe to protect archaeological sites through site
monitoring, documentation, and public education outreach. The program,
through an inter-governmental agreement (IGA), has resulted in the
expanded protection of archaeological sites on public lands, including a
number of sites under the jurisdiction of Maricopa County, and the
arrest and indictment of a number of individuals who looted and
vandalized sites. Enclosed is a listing of the number of hours spent by
Site Stewards monitoring cultural resources for Maricopa County and
other agencies that are signatories to the IGA.

The Arizona State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is experiencing
budget shortfalls that must result in a scaling back of our program
activities and the elimination of a staff position. Since the inception
of the Site Steward Program, the SHPO has provided the coordination and
most of the funding for the program. The Bureau of Land Management has
provided $2,000 annually and the Arizona State Land Department has
sometimes made a donation to the program. The SHPO has provided funding
for the Site Steward Coordinator position (about $35,000 salary,
benefits, and indirect costs annually) from our Federal Historic
Preservation Fund allocation. Operating expenses for the program have
been provided each year through Heritage Fund Initiative Grants ($15,000
awarded for FY 1996-97).

We are extremely proud of this program and feel that it has had an
important impact in preventing vandalism and expanding public education
about the protection of cultural resources. The program has received
both local and national awards for its accomplishments. We are saddened
at the prospect of having to discontinue such a beneficial program that
has been both recognized and emulated nationally. Unfortunately, since
the Site Steward Program is not one of our mandated federal or state
activities, our office will likely phase-out the Site Steward
Coordinator position and program beginning July 1, 1997 if substantial
alternative funding or other solutions are not identified.

We are seeking additional sources of revenue or other solutions to
support the program from the land managing agencies, like yourself, that
receive direct benefits from the program. We would greatly appreciate
any contributions you are able to make to continue to fund the Site
Steward Program. We do need to identify viable funding by May 1, 1997 or
we will be forced to begin phasing out the program at the end of this
fiscal year. Thank you for your consideration of our request to help us
continue this valuable program.


Renee Bahl
Assistant Director

James Garrison
State Historic Preservation Officer 



Rand Hubbell, Maricopa County Parks
Brian Kenny, Environmental Program
Manager/Anthropologist, Maricopa County, Transportation 
Planning Division, 2901 W. Durango St., Phoenix, Az. 85009