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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: ACHP Section 106 Course Schedule for 1997
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 96 13:18:00 MST
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From: Judy Rodenstein 


1997 training schedule:
"Introduction to Federal Projects and Historic Preservation Law," a 3-day 
training course designed and offered by the Advisory Council on Historic 
Preservation, explains the requirements of Section 106 of the National 
Historic Preservation Act.  These apply any time a Federal or federally 
assisted project, activity, or undertaking could affect a property listed in 
or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

What the course covers:
Participants will learn the review and compliance process defined in the 
Council's regulations, "Protection of Historic Properties" (36 CFR Part 
800), and the procedures to follow in order to comply with the law.  The 
course is jointly sponsored by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation 
and the University of Nevada-Reno s Division of Continuing Education.

1997 course dates:
The 1997 open enrollment training sessions listed below are open to any 
Federal, State, local, or tribal official and to government contractors and 
others in the private sector.

        January 22-24           Washington, DC (Reg. #RM411 Sect. 770)
        February 11-13          Albuquerque, NM (Reg. #RM412 Sect. 776)
        February 25-27          Austin, TX (Reg. #RM413 Sect. 777)
        March 11-13             Reno, NV (Reg. #RM414 Sect. 902)
        April 7-9               Nashville, TN (Reg. #RM415 Sect. 775)
        April 15-17             Burlington, VT (Reg. #RM416 Sect. 779)
        May 6-8                 Mpls./St. Paul, MN (Reg.#RM417 Sect. 778)
        May 20-22               Bozeman, MT (Reg. #RM418 Sect. 777)
        June 24-26              Washington, DC (Reg. #RM419 Sect. 770)
        July 15-177             Seattle, WA (Reg. #RM420 Sect. 776)

How to register:
To enroll in one of the sessions listed above, call the University of 
Nevada-Reno s Division of Continuing Education at 702-784-4062 or toll free 
at 1-800-233-8928.  The registration fee is $445.  One optional graduate 
credit is available for an additional fee.

[ SASIG Ed. Note --

Please note these related 1997 courses: 
Introduction to Federal Projects and Historic Preservation Law; and 

Speaking of historic preservation law and training, the ACHP web site 
contains the current Section 106 Regulations.  However, DRAFT / PROPOSED 
regulations have been floated [officially published in the 9/13/96 Federal Register].  
I posted the DRAFT regs. on the SASIG, and artificially divided the text into six
parts for easy viewing: 

Part I, 
Part II, 
Part III, 
Part IV, 
Part V, and 
Part VI.  

Tom King, writing to members of FPForum , detailed 
his views regarding these proposed Section 106 Regulations.  If you haven't 
seen his critique, it is a 'MUST READ.'  Contact Tom King via e-mail to get it. ]