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Subject: Tribes allege
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 96 17:09:00 MST
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This article appears in the Phoenix New Times September 12-18, 1996, Volume 
27 number 37
Carlota Complaints -- Tribes allege that archaeological and burial sites on 
mine grounds are being violated
By Michael Kiefer

Other Links provided by the New Times article:
June 15, 1995
Bones of Contention  -- The law requires the reburial of Indian remains. So 
why are there still 700 skeletons in the closet?
By Michael Kiefer
September 7, 1995
No Miner Consideration  -- A Canadian mining company wants to dig a 300-acre 
hole behind Donna Goodale's house. Although most all of the government 
agencies involved think it's a terrible idea, they may not be able to stop 
the excavation.
By Michael Kiefer