Message #283:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: AZ Site Stewards 1997 Conference
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 96 14:40:00 MST
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FYI -- the Arizona Site Stewards webpage is located at  
SASIG Message 236 details two Site Steward workshops to be held in late 
September and early October, 1996.

Here is the proposed agenda for the 1997 Site Steward Conference:

1997 Site Steward Conference -- Saturday May 3, 1997 and Sunday May 4, 1997
Showlow, Arizona ( Sierra Springs Ranch ? )

Saturday May 3, 1997 --

Welcome [ Denise Meredith, BLM Director ]
Forest Service Projects in the Area [ Linda Martin, USFS Archeologist ]
White Mountain Trail Systems: Trail Partnerships [ Jerry Handorf ]
Native American Perspective on Heritage Preservation [ Zuni or White 
Mountain Apache tribal member ]

Order in the Land: Living History Presentation on the Original Land Survey 
in Northern Arizona
[ Rob Nurre, The Surley Surveyor ]

Dinner and Awards
Dinner Welcome [ Jack Brown, Representative ]
Award Speech [ Ken Travous or Charles Eatherly, AZ State Parks ]
Presentors [ Renee Bahl; James Garrison; New Chair of AAC ]
Door Prizes { Bruce Donaldson; Heather Tamietti; Mark Deploy ]

Sunday May 4, 1997 --

Forestdale Valley Field Trip
[ Guide -- John Welch, Archeologist, White Mountain Apache Tribe ]

NOTE:  For more information contact Mary Estes, AZ Site Steward Program 
Manager, via E-mail: or via telephone (602) 
542-4009. The conference schedule is subject to change.