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We have two web pages dedicated to archaeological literature.  These pages 
need revision or updates from time to time.  If you have a book to recommend 
to colleagues or the public, please contact SWA so we can publish your 
review or critique.

The text from our two pages are provided below:


If you would like to add items to the list below, please send suggestions or 
relevant material to Brian Kenny. Also see: Southwestern Archaeology Reading 
List. (Click on any link below to read a book review).

Deborah L. Swartz and William H. Doelle. _Archaeology in the Mountain 
Shadows, Exploring the Romero Ruin_. The Archaeology Library Series, Center 
for Desert Archaeology, Tucson 1996. ISBN 1-886-398-21-6.

Donald S. Frazier. _Blood and Treasure: Confederate Empire in the 
Southwest_. College Station: Texas A&M University, 1995. xiii, 361pp., 
illus., maps, notes, bibliography, index, dust jacket. $29.95.

Andrew L. Knaut. _The Pueblo Revolt of 1680: Resistance in 
Seventeenth-Century New Mexico_. Norman and London: University of
Oklahoma Press, 1995. Pp. xx, 248. Illustrations, maps, notes, bibliography, 

Emily Benedek. _The Wind Won't Know Me: A History of the Navajo-Hopi Land 
Dispute_. New York: Vintage Books, 1992. 439 Pp. Map, photographs, 
chronology, endnotes, index. $14.00.

Blue Clark. _Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock: Treaty Rights and Indian Law at the End 
of the Nineteenth Century_. University of Nebraska Press, 1994. 182 pp. 
Cloth $37.50.


Southwestern Archaeology - Reading List
The titles on the reading list below were sent in by archaeologists and
anthropologists in response to the question: 
Is there a recent, concise, and authorative book on Southwestern
If you would like to add any titles to the list, please
send suggestions and brief descriptions to  
Brian Kenny.

From: Cynthia Bettison (bettisonc@iron.wnmu.ed)

    No. I don't think that any that are out are that comprehensive.

From: Wetherbee Bryan Dorshow (

    I would recommend two books:
    The Dynamics of Southwest Prehistory, edited by Cordell and Gummerman; 1989 Smithsonian press

    Chaco and Hohokam, edited by Crown and Judge; 1991, School of American Research

From: Al Shalette (

    A current favorite of mine is Melinda Elliott's (former editor of El Palacio) "Great Excavations - Tales of Early Southwestern Archaeology, 1888-1939." School of American Research/Univ. WA Press (1995). Available from Maxwell Museum Store (505) 277-8601 (10:00 am to 4:00 pm).

    Covers Wetherills, Fewkes, and Morris/Lancaster at Mesa Verde; Kidder at Pecos Pueblo; Morris at Aztec; Hodge at Hawikuh; Judd at Pueblo Bonito; Haury at Snaketown; Brew at Awatovi; and the Rainbow Bridge-Monument Valley Expedition.

    Non technical; good reading; covers history of archaeology not archaeology per se. Chip Wills is using this book for one of his courses at UNM.

    More generally, I recently organized a symposium series called "Doing Archaeology" in which several of the six speakers were challenged to come up with a good, current overview of S.W. archaeology. Consensus was there is none.

    Others had difficulty identifying a single title which adequately addressed specific analytical topics - with one exception.

    Pete McKenna (BIA) & Tom Windes (NPS) recommend: Rice, Prudence M., "Pottery Analysis: A Sourcebook;" Chicago: The Univ. of Chicago Press. McKenna comments: "An encyclopedic sourcebook for archaeological ceramic questions, issues, and methods since Shepard. A must for any archaeologist with pottery to deal with; the outline of subjects presented by Rice is nonpareil for today's archaeological ceramicist."

From: Brian Kenny (

    Woodbury's History of the Pecos Conference

    Dynamics of Southwestern Prehistory (1989). Linda S. Cordell and George J. Gumerman (Smithsonian Institution Press)

    The Organization and Evolution of Prehistoric Southwestern Society (1992). Edited by George J. Gumerman (University of New Mexico Press)

    Hohokam and Patayan: Prehistory of Southwestern Arizona (1982). Randall McGuire and Michael Schiffer (Academic Press)

    Though not a recent work, nor even a summation of current thinking, the Smithsonian Handbook of North American Indians,[ Volume 9 (1979) & Volume 10 (1983) (both focused on the Southwest) ], provides an excellent window into the cultures of the Southwest and the practice of archaeology. In addition, Volume 4 , History of Indian and White Relations, is worth examining in detail. These volumes elucidate the many political and social preconditions subsumed by current practicioners 'students of prehistory.'

    Additional classics include:
    An Introduction to the Study of Southwestern Archaeology (1924). Alfred Vincent Kidder (Yale University Press)

    A History of American Archaeology, Second Edition (1980) Gordon R. Willey and Jeremy A Sabloff (W.H. Freeman and Co.)

    Ancient Native Americans (1978). Jesse D. Jennings (W. H. Freeman and Co.)

    The Hohokam: Desert Farmers and Craftsmen (1976). Emil W. Haury (University of Arizona Press)

    The Stratigraphy and Archaeology of Ventana Cave (1975). Emil W. Haury (University of Arizona Press)

From: AAC Newsletter Volume 19 Number 3 October 1995]:

    Snapshots of the Past
    by Prof. Brian Fagan, University of California at Santa Barbara

    Snapshots informs the reader, in the framework of 30 brief essays, about the leading issues in archaeology today. Fagan collects many articles from his regular "Timelines' column in Archaeology magazine, as well as several new articles, into a single volume and leads the reader on a tour through time and space, ranging from the ascent of the human species to public Controversies that concern today's archaeologist. The "snapshots" are of issues of greatest contempomty interest: the Eve hypothesis, the peopling of the New World, site looting, the impact of feminism on archaeology, the archaeology of slavery, and the spectacular cave art finds at Chauvet Grotto in France, among many others.

    Snapshots of the Past
    Brian Fagan 160 pp.
    HC $32.00; PB $14.95

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