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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: East Central Arizona History Web Site: 
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 96 10:01:00 MST

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From: Paul R. Machula

Although I am not an archaeologist, I grew up right next to Besh-ba-gowah 
ruins in Globe , and I still live there.  You cannot live next to a ruin 
without becoming interested in archaeology.

I've prepared a web site for the history of the Globe-Miami area. Not to 
boast, but I have a LOT of info about the history of this area.  As a part 
of the site, I go into quite some detail about the Apache people.  I speak 
Apache a little, and I am well-acquainted with San Carlos Apache Tribal 
Historian Dale Miles.  I have some original material about the Camp Grant 
Massacre of 1871 and other things.  On my Web page I refer only briefly to 
some of these materials, as they are really too extensive to do much more 
than that. My sole purpose is to provide knowledge to a prospective public 
about one of the most fascinating areas in the United States: the region 
surrounding the Pinal Mountains.

I feel I have a responsibility to provide ACCURATE and BENEFICIAL 
information--hopefully, that will not offend anyone.  It may be helpful to 
check out the basic parts of the site.  They are my Apache Wars page (abt 
20K), the Mexican War page, the page on the Apache Kid, the page on 
Hoo-moo-thy-ah (based on original research on a MOST remarkable individual), 
the page on Pearl Hart, and most especially my Bibliography page (it is 
quite huge and detailed for such a small region--around Globe/Miami).  The 
East Central Arizona History web site is located at

BTW, I have a FANTASTIC never-before-published photo of Al Sieber, acquired 
from our County Recorder, Linda Haught Ortega.  She is from old-time 
ranchers in Gila County. About annotating my bibliography--I thought about 
doing it some time ago, but bogged down. It's HARD work.  Anyway, I will 
review some of the work on the SWA site and see what I can do to improve 
what I have.  I think I'll go ahead and submit the site to some of the major 
search engines.  Maybe one of the English Western enthusiasts (I know they 
exist!) will find it interesting.

Paul R. Machula
Route 1 Box 34
Globe, AZ 85501
Phone:  (520) 425-7260