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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Ancient Indian Settlement Bulldozed
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 96 07:09:00 MST
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[ Clipped from; Full 
article and location map appears in the Arizona Republic, Wednesday, 
November 27, 1996 -- Page 1

A sand-and-gravel company has torn through traces of an ancient Indian 
settlement by Cave Creek Wash, in the heart of a planned desert preserve in 
north Phoenix. Wheeler Construction Co. was supposed to steer clear of two 
archaeological sites in the wash. Instead, the company graded most of an 
area where the prehistoric Hohokam people had farmed. "Their value to the 
scientific community or public is damaged, if not lost altogether," said 
Kenneth Rozen, cultural resource manager at the State Land Department. This 
isn't private property but state trust land, where Wheeler operates under a 
lease from the Land Department. The issue of mining has made it a 
battleground between Phoenix and the state. Earthmovers cut into at least 80 
percent of the sites, which cover about 20 acres, Rozen said. Wheeler has 
hired an archaeologist to figure out what happened and what remedies are 
possible. "It looks like a mistake was made," said Martin Aronson, an 
attorney representing the company. Phoenix officials, who are fighting to 
get Wheeler out of the wash, are irate. The city plans to acquire the state 
trust land around Cave Creek Wash and turn it into part of a 12,000-acre 
desert preserve. "Six months ago, we asked Wheeler and the state of Arizona 
to stop destroying the desert," said Scott Phelps,
spokesman for Mayor Skip Rimsza. "Now, they have expanded their circle of 
ruin by destroying history."