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To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Spring '97 Distance Learning Course - Ice Age Environments
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 96 11:08:00 MST
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From: James Aber 

World Wide Web Course from Emporia State University
Ice Age Environments / Quaternary Geology

Mastodons, ice sheets, paleo-Indians, and spruce forest were all part of 

the  Kansas landscape during the Ice Ages.  Similar dramatic changes in
physical and  biological conditions took place elsewhere.  A webcourse
on glaciation and glacial  environments will be offered by Emporia State 

University in the spring semester of 1997.  This course is well suited
for geology, geography, and environmental science  students.  It is also 

appropriate for teachers in biology or earth science, who wish to know
more about the Ice Ages.  Topics include glaciation and glacial
landscapes, climate  and climatic change, vegetation and wildlife, as
well as human influences on the environment.  Web sites around the world 

are included for a global overview of  the Ice Ages.  The course will be 

available for either undergraduate or graduate  credit. For more
information, consult the course webpage:

Or contact the instructor: James S. Aber