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Subject: Understanding Chaco
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 22:46:34 -0700 (MST)
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From: George Gumerman

Understanding Chaco?
Over the years there have been almost innumerable explanations offered for
the Chacoan system. As Linda Cordell and others have pointed out (p. 158 in
Gumerman & Gell-mann  understanding complexity in the prehistoric sw)
there has been little attempt to honestly evaluate the various explanations
against one another.  Instead, the tradition has been one of proposing new
explanations or variations on older ones.   It seems to me that it is an
time  to convene a workshop on the evaluation of Chacoan models.  I believe
that it should be structured so that there are no formal papers, but that
emphasis should be placed  on grouping the models under various rubrics and
then determining what kinds of data are needed to falsify or verify them.
The second stage of the workshop, or a second workshop, could be devoted to
evaluating the various models.  I have discussed this with Kim Malville and
he would be interested in co-chairing such a workshop.  Since he is an
astronomer, he would like an archaeologist to work with him on  an effort to
organize and co-chair such an effort.  If anybody is interested in such an
effort, Kim can be reached at:

J. McKim (Kim) Malville
Professor, Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences
Director, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
University of Colorado at Boulder
phone: 303-492-8766
fax: 303-492-3822

george gumerman