Message #183:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: June 96 Glyphs Newsletter On-Line
Date: Fri, 31 May 96 09:59:00 MST
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The Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS) publishes GLYPHS, a 
monthly newsletter reporting AAHS activities.  GLYPHS Vol 46 No 12, June 
1996, is now published on line as a PDF file.  Go to the Southwestern 
Archaeology (SWA) Arizona page located at, then 
click on the hypertext link titled "Newsletters, Brochures and 

AAHS is located in Tucson and is one of the best avocational societies in 
the American Southwest.  Glyphs is an outstanding publication.  To pique 
your interests here are a few of the stories reported in the June 1996 

Damage to the La Playa site in Sonora, Mexico
June 1996 retirement from UofA of Walter Birkby ( and, ASM recruitment 
underway for a new Assistant Curator of Bio-Archaeology)
June 1997 retirement from UofA of Raymond H. Thompson, Director of the 
Arizona State Museum (Director recruitment underway)
Recipients of Awards in Public Archaeology Announced
Registration details for Shurban's "Baja Cave Painting Burro Trek" (April 
1997) Article on "Arizona's Vanishing Archaeological Sites" (June 17th lecture
by James Walker, Archaeological Conservancy)
Registration information for AAHS-Archaeological Conservancy June 22-23 
field trip to the Verde Valley (Open to the Public)
Extended schedule for AAHS lectures and field trips
Registration information for Old Pueblo Archaeological Center's "Archaeology 
in the Schools" teacher workshops
Information on Arizona Historical Society (AHS) July 30th lecture "Route 66" 
by Robert Trennert
Arizona Historical Society (AHS) lecture series calendar

Of course, SWA and AAHS hope you so thoroughly enjoy reading GLYPHS on line 
that you will join the organization and contribute to it's continuance !! 
Membership information and contribution advice are provided in the AAHS 
GLYPHS newsletter.

Brian Kenny


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