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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
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Subject: Catching Up On Archaeology in 'Zines
Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 19:18:40 -0700 (MST)
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If you lately havent bothered to read those magazine subscriptions or visit the public library magazine rack, here's some tidbits you should check out about the American Southwest for the summer of 1996!

Archaeology (May/June 1996) presents a travel guide to North America detailing how you can "Rediscover Ongoing Archaeological Excavations in North America." Visitors can stop and tour the following sites; the more adventurous can participate in excavations:

Elden Pueblo, Flagstaff AZ (Excavations May 2 - September 30). Contact Kevin Harper, Arizona Natural History Association, Box 3496, Flagstaff AZ 85002; (520) 527-3450; FAX (520) 527-3620

Homolovi I, Winslow AZ (Excavations June - July). Contact Chuck Adams, Arizona State Museum, Uof A, Tucson AZ 85721; (520) 621-2093; FAX (520) 621-2976; E-mail

Upper Basin Archaeological Project, SE of Grand Canyon (Excavations June 29 - August 13) Contact Alison Macrae, Earthwatch, Box 403, Watertown MA 02279-9104; (617) 926-8200; FAX (617) 926-8532; 1-800-776-0188; E-mail; [also check out the Sierra Ancha project]

Pot Creek Pueblo, Ft. Burgwin NM (Excavations June 15 - July 15, 1996) Contact Michael Adler, Southern Methodist University, Box 750336, Dallas TX 75275 or Fort Burgwin Research Center, Highway 518 South, Ranchos de Taos NM 87557, (505) 758-8322

Cedar Mesa, UT (Excavations July 20 - August 25) Contact Alison Macrae, Earthwatch, Box 403, Watertown MA 02279-9104; (617) 926-8200; FAX (617) 926-8532; 1-800-776-0188; E-mail

Hurricane UT (Excavations June 11 - August 4) Contact Georgia B. Thompson, Southern Utah University Archaeological Field School, Cedar City UT 84720; (801) 586-7710; FAX (801) 865-8223; E-mail

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia PA Exhibit (through December 31) "Living in Balance: The Universe of the Hopi, Zuni, Navajo and Apache.

Smithson ian (May 1996) presents an advertisement for contest sponsored by PLUS ATM (p 12-13). The contest, called the "Route 66 Sweepstakes," invites players to relive the glory days of Route 66. The contest requires the player to submit the name of a city in which a certain landmark ( a steakhouse which serves huge slabs of meat ) is located. Prizes include a '57 T-bird Convertible or $40,000 in cash; Sony Discmans and Sony Walkmans; etc. Don't be yellow! Get your kicks (and a steak dinner) on the Mother Road as you head west to join the excavations!

[ Smithsonian also presents an article on forensic anthropology. Southwestern archaeologists should take note that Smithsonian publishes photographs of skeletal material (who ya gonna call 'politically incorrect'?). On page 118-119, Smithsonian also publishes an 1873 photograph (albumen print) of Canyon de Chelly, AZ created byTimothy O'Sullivan (from the Charles Isaacs collection). ]

Arizona Highways (June 1996) AH reports that the Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff AZ offers 'Summer Adventure' trips for adults, hike and van tours of the Colorado Plateau with educational programs on geology, natural history and native culture. Get a brochure from MNA (520) 774-5211. And, if you like Zane Greycountry and western history, youll love the battle sites of the Graham-Tewksbury range war (Young AZ); for locations, contact the Pleasant Valley Ranger Districtoffice (520)462-3311.

[ Arizona Highways also reports: a postal history museum (Tucson); the 1920s remains of the Franciscan St. Michael's Mission (Sacaton); Territorial Days (Prescott Courthouse Plaza, June 8-9) [hey, will the Smoki People be there?]; and Flagstaff Indian Arts Festival (June 29 - August 11).