Message #148:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: A Proposal for the 1997 AZ Archaeology Month Fair
Date: Wed, 15 May 96 18:09:00 MST
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I don't know if this is premature, but I have written Ann Howard with 
a proposal for a 1997 Archaeology Month Fair venue.  The State Capitol. 
Kick around the idea if you so desire.  Check the  link on the SWA AZ 
page, or go directly to the PDF file.

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May 15, 1996

Ms. Ann Howard, Public Archaeology Programs
State Historic Preservation Office / State Parks Department
1300 West Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85009


Dear Ms. Howard:

I propose we hold the 1997 Archaeology Month Fair (AAMF) in the open square 
at the State Capitol between the Arizona House and Senate buildings. The 
theme of the fair should be: "Arizonans in History."

In addition to providing now  standard  agency information display board or 
project-specific CRM displays, agencies, organizations and individuals 
should be encouraged to prepare materials (static display, web page , 
brochures, etc) on an "Arizonan in History." These presentation materials or 
displays should include, a s applicable, biographical, historical, 
ethnographic, and other anthropological information about the individual(s). 
Using text, photos, and other media, displays should directly associate 
featured Arizonans with landscapes, historic structures, archaeological 
sites, and historic preservation themes (see attached list of examples.)

Professional archaeologists from agency and corporate entities sho uld be 
encouraged to partner with avocational archaeologists and historians, 
avocational societies, and students, to develop the research topic and the 
public presentation seen by AAMF attendees. The SHPO, the Arizona 
Archaeological Council, and the Archaeology Advisory Commission should 
provide to AAMF participants a list from which to choose specific Arizonans 
and themes of interest. These themes and presentations can provide 
background for subsequent SHPO-sponsored historic context studies. Since the 
AAMF will be held at the Capitol, all ninety State Legislators and medi a 
personalities could be invited to join the ac tivity and judge the public 
presentations. Winning presenters should receive prizes, gubernatorial and 
legislative citations, and a chance to reprise their presentations at the 
Arizona State Fair. Standard AAFM posters and state-wide calendars of events 
should be part of the month-long celebration. Should you have any questions 
or comments, you may contact me through any of the following means:

Phone: 506-8082 / Fax: 506-4882

Brian Kenny Environmental Program Manager/Anthropologist
MCDOT Transportation Planning Division

xc: Southwest Archaeology Special Interest Group (SASIG) 
    (a href=>


Charles Poston Father of Arizona / territorial Arizona / Tomb at Poston 
George Hunt / First Governor / Tomb at Papago Park
Sharlot Hall / Pioneer Women /  Sharlot Hall Museum
Martha Summerhayes / Women in Arizona history / Ft. Whipple; Ft. Apache
Gen George Crook / Military Commander / Camp Date Creek; Crook Trail
Lt. Whipple / Explorer / Expedition campsites & routes
Coronado / Explorer / Expedition campsites & routes
The Saguaro / Ethnobotany  / A saguaro gathering camp (mock site at Capitol)
Emil Haury / Archaeological careers / Plot Haury's work throughout Arizona
Frank Midvale / Avocational archaeology / Plot Midvale throughout Arizona
Frank Cushing / Hemingway expedition / Rediscover archaeological work
Carl Hayden / Development of Arizona / Historic sites assoc w/ Carl Hayden
Haji Ali (HiJolly) / Exotic animals in Arizona / Military camel maneuver 
sites; faunal archaeology; grave in Quartzsite
Boyce Thompson / Arizona miners / Arboretum; Superior
Lee / Mormons in Arizona / Lee's Ferry; etc
Arizona First Families / Leadership in Arizona / Archaeological sites assoc 
Geronimo / Native American Leaders / Capture site, campsites, etc
Asian Americans / Development of Arizona / Flower gardens, railroads, the 
Chinatown deuce
Hispanic Americans / Land tenure in Tucson / Tucson presidio; missions
Eseubio Kino / Religious life / Missions
Barry Goldwater / Early life in Arizona / Trading posts; etc
The Cowboy / Ranching  / Slaughter ranch; Hashknife
Dr Chandler / Historic hotels of Arizona / San Marcos; etc
Pershing / Punitive Expedition / Naco Arizona
Ashurst / Early pioneer cabin / Ashurst's childhood cabin
Ghost Town / Early mines / Mowry; Duquenes; Bumblebee
James Houck / Sheep in Arizona  / Sheep trails in AZ; bluepoint
Arizona Charlie Meadows / Historic personality  / Pleasant valley area
DePattie / Fur trapping / Expedition routes and sites
Bill Williams / Fur trapping / Expedition routes and sites
The Buffalo Soldier / Blacks in Indian Wars / Ft Huachucha; etc
Annie Wauneka / first navajo physician / Sites assoc w/ Dr. Wauneka Native 
American women
Manuelito / Native American leadership / Navajo refuge sites
Prisons Wardens / Crime & Punishment in Arizona / Yuma prison; Wickenburg 
Olive Oatman / Historic personality  / Oatman massacre site
The Lost Dutchman / Historic personality / Pioneer Cemetery
John Wesley Powell / Exploration of the Grand Canyon / Campsites and travel 
Frank Luke / Aviation pioneer / WWI & WWII military sites
Hohokam / Agriculture in Arizona / Canals, Pueblo Grande
Arizona Forest Ranger / Forests of Arizona / Early admin & lookout sites

Why the State Capitol? Here's Why !

Message #146:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: AAC Legislative Committee to Meet at Pecos Conference
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 14:43:41 -0700 (MST)
Mime-Version: 1.0

(Information discussed at the AAC meeting in Prescott, May 1996)

One third to one half of Arizona's 90 Legislators will be leaving office
this fall.  The November elections are coming, but many Legislators have 
suggested they plan to quit or retire and not run for re-election.  These
changes mean there is great opportunity to work with a new Legislature in
the Spring of 1997.

The Arizona Archaeological Council (AAC) Legislative Committee has been
relatively inactive this past year.  The Committee is now activating and
needs your participation.  AAC members are invited to join the committee 
and attend a planning and strategy  meeting to be held at the 1996 Pecos
Conference in Flagstaff, Arizona.  The meeting will convene at 12:30 pm 
on Saturday, August 17, 1996, near the main tent.  Bring a lunch to the
meeting, if you so desire.

The goal of the committee meeting will be to develop a list of agenda items
which might include:
  • Inviting Legislators to speak at AAC meetings and participate in AZ Archaeology Month Fair
  • Encouraging timely media reporting focused on Legislators involved with the AAC and historic preservation issues
  • Supporting legislation improving heritage preservation activity, and, legislation closing unintended loopholes in the existing State criminal code.
  • Tracking legislative activity using the Internet (ALIS / LOLA)
  • Constituent letter-writing campaigns
  • Promoting heritage preservation opportunities associated with the Governor's State Land preservation initiative,and, State Land Department administrative policy and land management practices
  • Sharing with Arizona Legislators heritage preservation success stories and current problems (Heritage tourism $$ windfall impacts on the AZ economy; vandalism awareness information sharing)
The AAC Legislative Committee is chaired by Brian Kenny. Comments may be directed to him at (602) 227-3154. His e-mail address is Brian's mailing address is: P.O. Box 61203, Phoenix AZ 85082-1203