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             ~~~THE CHACO CANON~~~
                 Vol.1 Number 1
                  May 10, 1996
For all friends of Chaco Canyon and related sites.
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     This is the first edition of THE CHACO CANON, an on-line newsletter for 
people who care about Chaco Canyon and the resources related to it in the 
San Juan Basin.

     The  CANON  resulted from an Internet message that I posted March 26 
announcing that Chaco was named to the list of 100 most endangered monuments 
by the World Monuments Fund.  I was overwhelmed at the response I received. 
 My message got widely reposted, and was even reproduced in a Gallup, New 
Mexico newspaper. If anyone receives this newsletter who did not see the 
first  posting, just send me an e-mail message and I'll forward it to you or 
you can check out the Chaco Web site described below.  I do not plan any 
particular schedule for this newsletter, but will let the events (or lack 
thereof) guide when and whether it is produced. If you have information you 
would like included, please just send me an e-mail message and, if it's 
suitable, I'll include it.

      I'm sending this first edition out more broadly than I will send 
future ones. Please forgive any cross postings.  If you want to be added to 
my e-mail list to receive future copies (or if you ever want to be taken OFF 
the list) just post me a message.

~~Loretta Neumann ~~


~~Chaco Meeting May 19
~~World Monuments Decision May 23
~~Information Sources



     The National Parks and Conservation Association is hosting a special 
meeting to discuss Chaco Culture National Historical Park and its related 
lands and resources (Tribal, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, 
state, private, etc.) The meeting will take  place at 1:30 p.m., Sunday, May 
19, 1996 at the Sheraton Uptown, 6815 Menaul N.E., Albuquerque, NM. The 
purpose of the meeting will be to discuss a broad range of issues concerning 
Chaco, with a particular focus on citizen involvement/support for the park 
and opportunities for new partnerships between the public, the private 
sector, and federal, state, local and tribal governments to help protect and 
improve this wonderful place.  The concept of a "friends" group for Chaco, 
and the prospects for forming one, will be on the agenda.  This is an open 
meeting, and everyone interested in Chaco is invited to attend.

     The meeting is being held in conjunction with (but separate from) a 
conference that NPCA is hosting May 17-19 at the same place. The conference 
is focused on citizen support for the National Park System, and many 
presentations and discussions will bear on parks such as Chaco. For further 
information on the conference, contact David Simon, Southwest Regional 
Director, NPCA, 823 Gold Ave., S.W., Albuquerque, NM 87102. Tel: (505) 
247-1221, Fax: (505) 247-1222.



     Although the World Monuments Fund accepted our nomination for Chaco 
Canyon and its related archaeological sites for listing as one of the 
world's 100 most endangered monuments, that did not assure that the project 
itself would be funded. Only a limited number of the projects were expected 
to receive grants from the funders -- American Express and the Samuel H. 
Kress Foundation.

     I have just received a letter from WLF notifying us that Chaco was not 
selected in the first round of grants. WLF says, however, that they do 
expect to continue fundraising efforts in order to make additional grants 
throughout hte year for other sites on the list. I will certainly do my part 
to help them raise additional sources, and hope others will be willing to 
help in this effort.

     Efforts to protect Chaco Canyon and related sites will take  many forms 
and involve a variety of players.   Indeed, the Chaco proposal requested 
funding to develop a consensus strategy for preservation of the ruins. The 
project will first undertake to identify and interview stakeholders -- 
including private landowners or corporations, public and tribal agencies, 
and profit and non-profit interest groups -- and delineate their particular 
intents and interests. A facilitated workshop will be held to develop a 
broad-based strategy for addressing the problems that are identified and, 
from this a Consensus Strategy Report will be prepared that will include 
directions and priorities for future actions.  Additional efforts, such as 
training in ruins preservation, public education and the formation of a 
citizens support group will also be needed.

     In summary, we've only just begun!



     A private software development firm, Chaco Communications, has created 
a World Wide Web site on Chaco.  The WWW address is: 

      This is a beautiful site that includes a wealth of information, 
articles, photographs and graphics.  Pertaining to Chaco, you can click on a 
menu item to see:

     National Park Service Brochure.
     East Anasazi Archaeology.
     On the 1054 Supernova Petrograph.
     History of Exploration.
     UCSB 3D Model of Chetro Ketl Great Kiva
     On Expanding Chaco Protection
     A color pencil drawing of a Chaco site
     US National Park Service, Chaco Culture.
     Pictures of Chaco Canyon.

     This Web page also has links to Internet hosts on other related topics 
pertaining to the National Park Service, archaeology, cultural resource 
management, other areas in the region (Colorado Plateau and New Mexico), 
other U.S. parks, forests and monuments, and U.S. Geological Survey Data.


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