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Subject: Fossil Prices, Phsyiographic Provinces, and Death by Phone
Date: Wed, 08 May 96 10:21:00 MST
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From: Brian Kenny 

Archaeological and Anthropological Items from Forbes Magazine, May 20, 1996

Forbes presents a brief follow-up report on the Tyrannosaurus rex named Sue 
dug up by Peter Larson of Hill City, S.D.  Larson didn't go to jail for 
digging up Sue, but for illegally carrying currency abroad and illegally 
collecting a fossil (not Sue) worth less tha $100 from federal lands. Larson 
is serving two years in a federal prison in Florence, Colorado.  Despite all 
this, Forbes reports that the federal government will now allow Larson to 
sell Sue, with a sale expected to bring about $5 million.  Forbes also 
reports that the "debacle has spooked collectors and sellers," with 
Christie's and Sotheby's ditching fossil sales altogether.  Forbes says that 
fossil prices are down by at least thirty to thirty-five percent.

Forbes defines physiographic provinces in unusual ways.  For example, the 
magazine reports that geographers and botanists defined the Great Plains 
beginning at the hundreth meridian (the approximate limit of twenty-inch 
annual rainfall).  It further notes that banks and insurance companies had 
an early policy of not lending money for agriculture west of the hundreth 
meridian. Regardless of actual longitude and rainfall, if you couldn't get 
an agricultural loan, you knew you were on the Great Plains. [ Aha! 
Somewhere in all this, there must be a explanatory theory for development of 
irrigation agriculture in the American Southwestern.  ;-)   ].

Anthropologists take note of immigration patterns, so check this out. Forbes 
says that the Chinese strive to populate California's San Gabriel Valley to 
become doubly lucky in the 818 area code, eight being a very lucky number 
for the Chinese.  Pacific Bell plans to add a 626 area code in the area, and 
the Chinese community is in uproar!  People are suing the phone company to 
stop the proposed change.  Forbes wryly notes that Pac-Bell will at least 
avoid area codes using the number four ( in Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese, 
the number four [pronounced "sa"] sounds like the word for "death" ).