Message #131:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Native Peoples Cultural Properties Web Site Proposal
Date: Sat, 04 May 96 10:50:00 MST
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I would appreciate it if you would make the announcement at
visible to your readers, either via a link or by republishing the 
Thank you, Karen M. Strom

Proposed New Web Site to deal with Issues of Cultural Sensitivity and 
Cultural Property

In the past couple of weeks a small number of authors/maintainers of World 
Wide Web sites with Native American content were approached to participate 
in a multimedia project to be produced and marketed by 2 multi-million 
dollar corporations.  In trying to deal with these groups, we found it 
impossible to extract from them the context in which our work would be used. 
 What little we could learn gave us grave doubts about the project. They 
would only tell us that the CD-rom would contain powerful music videos (no 
artist's names were given, although they were requested several times). 
There would also be sections on Native art and "artifacts" and sacred sites. 
We were completely unable to obtain from them who was creating this 
additional material, with whom they were consulting, and what the character 
of the material would be.

Our correspondence with this group has led us to believe that it would be 
useful to construct a World Wide Web site in which issues of cultural 
sensitivity, cultural property and copyright, as it pertains to creations of 
the Native Peoples, are discussed and explained. We would also like to 
create a database of tribal contacts for the use of people who wish to 
create well designed projects containing Native American material. If there 
are guidelines available for the use of their material, we will also make 
them available and attempt to keep them up to date. In all likelihood, in 
addition to the names below, the group will include representative(s) from 
at least one museum specializing in Native American material (awaiting 

We are therefore soliciting suggestions for and contributions of material to 
be included in this Web site. If you know of articles already in existence 
that address these issues and for which we might obtain reproduction rights, 
please let us know.  If you wish to create new material for this purpose, we 
would be happy to talk to you. Any suggestions that you may make are 

David E. Cole 
Jordan S. Dill 
Tara Prindle 
Karen M. Strom