Message #207:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: NM Archaeology Initiative
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 96 11:11:00 MST
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From:  Daniel E. Reiley

Date:  June 18, 1996
To:    Participants in the New Mexico Statewide Archaeology Initiative
From:  Lynne Sebastian, State Archaeologist

Subject:  What's Next?

The next step in our statewide initiative to improve the cost/benefit ratio 
of publicly funded archaeology in New Mexico will be a two-day workshop on 
improving the process for compliance with Section 106 of the National 
Historic Preservation Act.  This facilitated workshop will be held on July 
25 and 26 at La Posada in Albuquerque.  We are inviting representatives of 
regulated industries, state and federal agencies, archaeological 
consultants, and tribal preservation programs to participate in this 

The representatives for each group will be charged with collecting the 
following information from group members prior to the workshop:

What do you see as the problems with the Section 106 process as 
currently implemented?
What solutions would you recommend for these problems?
What suggestions would you like to offer for improving the Section 106 
process and the protection of our archaeological heritage?

The workshop will be organized around the basic steps in the Section 106 

Identifying potential historic properties within the area of potential 
Evaluating the identified properties for eligibility to the National 
Register of Historic Places
Determining the effect of the undertaking on eligible properties
Mitigation of adverse effects

We are encouraging the representatives to collect the ideas from their 
"constituents" using these categories.  We are encouraging maximum 
creativity for suggestions.  We have to protect the resources, and we have 
to accomplish the four steps in the Section 106 process noted above; beyond 
that, everything can at least be brought to the table for discussion.

The end product of the workshop will be a set of concrete ideas about how we 
can improve the Section 106 process and improve the cost-effectiveness of 
compliance-driven archaeology.  SHPO staff will then incorporate those ideas 
into a draft agreement document that will be circulated through the workshop 
representatives to the represented groups for comment.  After the comments 
are returned to us by the representatives, we will prepare a final document 
and begin negotiations with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to 
amend our State Substitution Agreement so that we can incorporate the 
agreed-upon changes into Section 106 compliance in New Mexico.

Representatives for the archaeological consultants will be chosen through 
the regional discussion groups -- contact John Acklen (Albuquerque/Santa Fe 
group), Larry Baker (Northwest group), Deni Seymour (Southeast group), or 
Dave Kirkpatrick (Southwest group), to be sure that your ideas are included. 
 Tribal concerns will be addressed through representatives from tribal CRM 
programs.  Federal and state agencies will be represented through their CRM 
staffs.  Interested parties who wish to submit ideas to be considered at the 
workshop and/or wish to review the draft agreement should contact Lynne 
Sebastian at the address below or via e-mail.  If you have questions about 
this workshop, please contact any member of the SHPO archaeology staff.

Lynne Sebastian, State Archaeologist
NM Historic Preservation Division
228 East Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico  87501
Voice: (505) 827-6320 /  Fax:   (505) 827-6338