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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Homolovi Chapter AAS Newsletter June 1996
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 96 12:01:00 MST
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Provided by Karen Berggren

Homolovi Chapter, Arizona Archaeological Society Newsletter
Vol. 6 #3 Published for Homolovi Chapter, Az Arch Soc. Members   June 1996
For information about the Homolovi Chapter of the AZ Archaeological Society:
Pres.: Bob Rublin 289-3108  Programs: Karen Berggren 289-4106, 289-5406

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, June 18, 7pm at the park visitor center.  Peter 
Pilles, chief archaeologist for Coconino National Forest will be speaking on 
the petroglyph sites at the V Bar V Ranch.  He may also be sharing some 
information from the ARARA conference in El Paso which he recently attended. 
Peter is an excellent speaker, so come join us!

Upcoming Events:
We have a number of exciting activities for this summer!

June 10-August 3 The archaeologists will be working in the park at Homolovi 
I.  Due to funding restrictions, this may be the last year they are able to 
excavate.  You are welcome to visit them Monday-Friday, 7:30am-3pm (usual 
schedule. Friday sometimes varies)

June 25, 7 pm, park visitor center: A member of the Heritage Action Team 
will give a presentation on the "Trail of Many Tracks".  This groups 
received a grant to develop a historic auto tour route through northeastern 
Arizona.  It includes areas from Springerville to Homolovi.  Richard has 
been researching the history of these areas, so it should be an interesting 
presentation/slide show.

July 4- all day: Homolovi Open House (free day use of park)
7am Fun Run/Walk. Advance registration $10, $8 for additional family 
Day of race registration $13 
Registration includes t-shirt.
Tours of Homolovi I archaeological excavations at 9am and 2pm

July 16, 7pm, park visitor center- Ferral Knight, a Park Ranger from 
Petrified Forest, will give a program on his research on solar markers.  He 
spoke to our group a couple of years ago, and I think you will enjoy this 
update on his research.  He has some great photographs!

July 20- Tour of the steps: This is being arranged with the landowner who 
has been working to protect this important rock art site.  We will meet at 
the steps at 1 pm for the tour of the steps and a visit to a "Navajo 
village" (I'm not quite sure what this is). We will then go to Mr. Bairds 
ranch for a buckboard ride, a cowboy dinner, and entertainment until about 8 
or 9 pm.  Cost is $18 per person.  Please contact Karen at 520/289-4106 if 
you would like to participate.  We are inviting the archaeologists and 
Earthwatchers to join us for this event.

July 27-Homolovi Archaeology Day.  This marks the end of the field season 
and is your chance to see the excavations and some of the artifacts 
discovered during the 1996 season.  We do not yet have the schedule 
confirmed, but we plan tours, special speakers, special exhibits, and 
activities.  We are celebrating a hundred years of archaeology at Homolovi! 
(Jesse Walter Fewkes was the first archaeologist to visit Homolovi in 1896)

Other News:
Personal Notes on Hopi Gardening, our first publication, is now on sale in 
the bookstore for $2.50.  We are just photocopying them for now.  When we 
get the bar codes we will have a large number printed up and I plan to send 
copies to Organic Gardening and other gardening magazines.  AAS members get 
10% off.  Postage and handling=$1

We are almost ready to go to print with Homolovi: A Cultural Crossroad.  I 
will have copies of the preface and forward at the June meeting if you would 
like to review them.  This book will be 64 pages in length, plus the color 
insert.  We plan to print as many copies as possible, since the main expense 
is for the press setup.

Camera I is working on the script for the park video.  They plan to be 
filming this summer while the archaeologists are at work.