Message #201:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: AZ Archaeological Society Upcoming Events & Meeting in Caborca, Sonora
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 96 15:04:00 MST
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AAS Santa Cruz Valley Chapter will meet in Green Valley on September 10 
(Speaker/Topic unknown)

Bruce Masse will speak to the AAS Desert Foothills Chapter on September 11 
(Western Papagueria)

Owen Lindauer will speak to the AAS Phoenix Chapter on September 12 (Topic 

Kelly Hays-Gilpin will speak to the AAS Verde Valley Chapter September 26 
(Ceramic Chronology/Cultural Affiliation of Wupatki and Juniper Terrace)

AAS Yavapai Chapter speakers
June 20 -- Paul Fish (Topic unknown)
July 18 -- Glen Rice (Topic unknown)
August 15 -- Boma Johnson (Topic unknown)

1996 Fall Symposium  "A Different Point of View"  September 9, 16, and 23
Speakers: Shereen Lerner; Dana Lewis; Owen Lindauer & Native American 
(For more info contact Debbie Canwright (602) 986-6300)

AAS Fall State meeting in Caborca, Sonora Mexico October 18,19, and 20th
(Information and Reservations: Jack or Terri Piercy (602) 843-2317).

MNA Brannigar-Chase Center (Flagstaff) on August 20
Todd  Bostwick will speak on "Hohokam Rock Art and Shamanism"
(For more information contact Dick Houser (520) 774-4610)

MNA Brannigar-Chase Center (Flagstaff) on September 17
Richard Anduze will speak on "Prescott Data Analysis Project"
(For more information contact Dick Houser (520) 774-4610)