Message #200:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Archaeological Newsletters
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 96 13:01:00 MST
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SWA recently informed it's e-mail readers that the Arizona Archaeological 
and Historical Society (AAHS) newsletter "Glyphs" was available on line as a 
PDF file (see ). 
Then today, someone asked me an obvious question -- "How come SWA doesn't 
have all of the various society newsletters on line?"

SWA would like to provide no-cost (free) web space to as many SW 
archaeological newsletters as possible, and keep current issues available 
for the public.  While electronic newsletter publication on the Internet 
seems to cause no dimunition of paid memberships in these organizations, it 
turns out that some organizations simply do not wish to be on-line. (We may 
have to wait until the Internet is 100 years old or older....).    ;-)  . 
Given this, SWA recommends that interested individuals contact the various 
societies to obtain newsletter information.

Smoke Pfeiffer's 1996 Directory of Archaeological Societies and Journals 
is an excellent source of information.

The directory does not list the Arizona Archaeological Society or the 
Albuquerque Archaeological Society,  or the 
 Pueblo Archaeological and Historical Society, but now you know how to contact 
these organizations.  The directory remains incomplete -- some 
archaeological societies fail to advertise; some know nothing of the 
directory; others simply act as if they are staging covert operations.  If 
you know of societies or groups wishing to get their organizational 
newsletters on line, please have them contact SWA.  Corrections 
and additions to the 1996 directory should be forwarded to Smoke Pfeiffer.