Message #199:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Yet Another Venue to Examine Death and Life (and NAGPRA?)
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 96 11:22:00 MST
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[SASIG Ed. Note -- Archaeologists and Native Americans working together with 
NAGPRA issues might be interested in examining the historical record of 
archaeological research at this upcoming conference] :

From: Robert Johnson johnsorl@Colorado.EDU
Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies 12th Annual Conference -- Call 
for Papers "Death and Life"  -- INCS welcomes proposals for its 12th annual 
conference, to be held at the University of California, Berkeley, April 4-6, 
1997.  The theme for this year's conference will be death and life.  
Suggested topics include:

       - ceremonies and technologies of birth and death
       - disease and epidemic; war and mutinies
       - the concept of population
       - capital punishment
       - labor, midwifery, male birthing
       - pathos, sentimentality, mourning
       - elegies and other writing about the dead
       - anatomical illustration and picturing the dead

Send 200 word abstracts, and, if possible, papers (15 pages maximum).  We 
will consider proposal for inter-disciplinary panels that draw on scholars 
from at least *three* different disciplines.  When proposing a panel, please 
indicate whether you would like individual papers considered separately if 
the panel is not accepted.

DEADLINES: Abstracts due October 15, 1996; Notification sent by December 1, 
1996; COMPLETED PAPERS DUE January 15, 1997
Direct all correspondence to: INCS-Berkeley, English Department, 322 Wheeler 
Hall, University of California, Berkeley, CA  94720-1030.
Selected conference papers will be published in  "Nineteenth-Century 
Contexts:  An Interdisciplinary Journal".