Message #193:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Inexpensive Internet Access for Archaeology Volunteers
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 96 07:50:00 MST
Encoding: 64 TEXT

A list of freenets can be found at 
For those interested in getting on line inexpensively, try these freenets 
around the greater Southwest:

ARIZONA        AzTeC - Tempe
CALIFORNIA     Los Angeles Free-Net - Los Angeles
               San Diego Community Free-Net - San Diego
               Orange County Free-Net - Orange County
COLORADO       Denver Free-Net - Denver
NEVADA         Free-Net Nevada - Las Vegas
NEW MEXICO     Santa Fe Free-Net - Santa Fe
TEXAS          Rio Grande Free-Net - El Paso

For volunteers and volunteer organizations, freenets are a great way to 
communicate and gain access to the World Wide Web. Most freenets provide a 
free e-mail address and text-only access [no graphics] to the full Internet. 
Also, as a member of a freenet, one often can link to any other freenet's 
usegroups (special interest groups) and obtain regional information. 
Freenets usually charge nothing (or a modest $10/yr) for membership. Any 
organization can get their volunteers on line very inexpensively!

I regularly access the Internet via a freenet using an old 286-based pc with 
a 2400 baud modem and a shareware dialler. Access is fast. The entire system 
cost $120. Often, friends and relatives, and agencies have old 286s hidden 
away in closets. With a little digging about, one might actually obtain a 
free machine!  [ A Wall Street Journal article (Monday June 10, 1996, Page 
B1)  describes the market for used PC's and average used-computer prices. 
 According to the article, a 386/33 with 4mbRAM and 130mbHD runs 
approximately $350 ].  For  those without a machine, many public libraries 
now provide access. A volunteer with a freenet e-mail account and library 
access could be on line tommorrow for $0.

I recommend the freenet approach for all archaeologists who need to find an 
inexpensive way to organize their volunteers on-line and obtain for 
themselves free access to e-mail and the diverse information found on the 
Internet. If you happen to be an itinerant CRM or agency archaeologist with 
a laptop, you can access the local freenet, sign-in to your freenet and 
retreive your e-mail (no long distance phone charges!)

PS --
AzTeC Freenet (Arizona) -- 

Phoenix Metro Area -- Anyone can visit the FreePort (text-based) menu system 
with a 9.6 baud, 14.4 baud, or 28.8 baud modem by dialing 965-6699. Your 
modem will negotiate with the AzTeC 9600 baud modems. If you get a busy 
signal, try the 2400 modems. If you have a 300, 1200, or 2400 baud modem can 
access our text-based system by dialing 965-4151. Your modem will only work 
with the AzTeC 2400 baud modems.  Tucson Metro Area -- Anyone can visit our 
text-based menu system with a modem up to 14400 baud by dialing (520) 
621-9600. After connecting, type the following: telnet . 
Then login with the ID of econ and next select AzTeC Computing on the menu. 
Prescott -- Dial (520)771-9775. After connecting, login with the ID of 
yavacat and next select Other databases and Internet Access. Then select 
AzTeC Computing on the menu.  If you have "telnet" access, please telnet to to use this system and save the use of the limited modem pool. 
Arizona residents can become registered users of AzTeC free of charge. A 
free e-mail address is among the benefits of registration. Log in to our 
FreePort system (see above) as a guest and follow the instructions.