Message #189:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: 175th Anniversary Santa Fe Trail, 1821-1880
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 96 15:53:00 MST
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From: Nancy Sween

In celebration of the 175th Anniversary, information is being collected on 
families related to the Santa Fe Trail, 1821-1880. Your knowledge of people, 
places, and events is needed.

Who were the freighters, stage coach drivers, and soldiers? What do you know 
about the Jicarilla Apaches, Mouache Utes, Kiowas, and Comanches? Do you 
have any family stories about ciboleros, comancheros, traders, or trappers? 
Who operated the mills, forage stations, and blacksmith shops? What do you 
know about the Texas Rangers, penitentes, or Gorras Blancas? Were your 
ancestors cattle drovers, sheep herders, or stone masons? Did they run a 
store, boarding house, or stage station? When did your family come to the 
area? Where did they come from and where did they settle? What adventures 
did they have? Do you have old maps, photographs, drawings, diaries, or 
other records?

Descendants will be recognized during the two year Celebration, 1996-1997. 
Copies of your family history will be filed in the Santa Fe Trail Archives 
at the Las Vegas Carnegie Public Library, and the Special Collections 
Branch, Albuquerque Public Library, Edith and Central, courtesy of the New 
Mexico Genealogical Society.

Please send copies of your family materials to the Santa Fe Trail Family 
History Project, in care of Nancy Robertson, PO Box 1516, Raton, NM 87740. 
No special forms are necessary.   Nancy Robertson  (505) 445-8226

[ SASIG Ed. note: See Santa Fe Trail and 175th Anniversary ]