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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Newsletter of the Trans-Pecos Archaeological Society (TPAS)
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 96 12:55:00 MST
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From: Deni Seymour 

Here is an electronic version of the Trans-Pecos Archaeological Society 
Newletter.  The meeting on June 18th is at Marios in Roswell at 11:00am. 
The open meeting with industry and others is onJune 25th at Nuthin Fancy--a 
restraurant in Roswell--at 11:00 am.  Lunch can be had at both for about 


Invitation and Announcement of Meeting Schedules:
>From the Newly Formed NMAC Working Committee of Southeastern NM:
The Trans-Pecos Archaeological Society (T-PAS)

Archaeologists and government regulators from the southeast part of New 
Mexico have been meeting over the past year or so in an effort to improve 
communication and raise standards.  During our most recent meeting in 
Roswell, on March 19, representatives of governmental agencies and contract 
archaeological firms met and agreed to create a formal group.  T-PAS was 
formed to facilitate further discussion and action by the team of interested 
parties.  A request for official recognition as a working committee of the 
New Mexico Archaeological Council (NMAC) has been accepted by the NMAC 
Executive body.  A preliminary mission statement was drafted as follows.

Preliminary Mission Statement:
The Trans-Pecos Archaeological Society (T-PAS) has been established as a 
working committee of the New Mexico Archaeological Council (NMAC) and 
supports the goals and principles of NMAC.  T-PAS was formed as an 
organizational body by a team of representatives from the private sector and 
government with a common interest in the preservation and management of 
cultural resources.  The immediate goals of T-PAS include: the facilitation 
of communication; the dissemination of knowledge concerning cultural 
resources;  the stimulation of education and the promotion of discourse; the 
establishment of standards and guidelines; the interface of industry, 
regulators, professionals, and the public at large; and to provide 
encouragement to participate in these efforts by the government, public, and 
commercial sectors.

Preliminary T-PAS Committee Officers were elected to facilitate operational 
management.  These positions are tentative, and will be subject to a full 
vote during the next scheduled meeting.  Preliminary officers as follows:

Chair: Deni J. Seymour, Lone Mountain Archaeological Services, Inc.
Assistant Chair (1): Dorothy Griffith, Archaeological Survey Consultants
Assistant Chair (2): Pat Flanary, Bureau of Land Management, Roswell
Assistant Chair (3): Kathleen C. Reid, Cultural Resource Management 
Treasurer: Arita Slate, Desert West Archaeological Services
Secretary: John A. Giacobbe, Western Archaeological Services, Inc.

Meeting Schedule
A business meeting of the T-PAS working committee will be held in Roswell on 
Tuesday, June 18, at Mario's Restaurant.  Members of NMAC and other 
interested archaeologists are invited to attend, observe the actions of the 
working committee, and join the organization.  The general goals of this 
meeting are to specifically address the development of standards for 
archaeological work in our region, to vote with the full membership on the 
acting officers, and to plan the agenda for the next T-PAS meeting, which 
will be open to all interested parties, and to discuss NMOGA?s desire to 
have T-PAS address issues archaeological ethics, to consider writing a 
regional research design to guide research and significance determinations. 
Seymour will also comment on the results of the NMOGA meeting in which she 
attended as the T-PAS representative.  This working committee is composed of 
BLM, Industry, archaeolgists, SHPO, and ARMS representatives.  The open 
meeting of T-PAS on the 25th is planned with the goal of inviting industry 
representatives and all other interested parties to participate.  This 
meeting has been scheduled to be held in Roswell on Tuesday, June 25, 11:00 
AM.  The place has yet to be set, but notices will be sent out soon. 
However, no invitation is required to attend!

Mogollon Archaeological Conference
T-PAS members and other regional researchers are invited to attend the 9th 
Mogollon Archaeological Conference, October 3-5, 1996, in Silver City, New 
Mexico.  This conference is hosted by Western New Mexico University, under 
the direction of Dr. Cynthia Ann Bettison. T-PAS and Dr. Bettison have 
arranged a symposium with the specific goal of discussing current research 
centered in the southeastern part of New Mexico and the Trans-Pecos region 
of Texas.   Seymour has been asked to represent the southeastern part of the 
state in a general discussion. She agreed unless another more entrenched 
member would like to volunteer instead.  T-PAS members are trying to arrange 
presentations by its members to best cover research along topical, 
methodological, or theoretical lines.  Already several T-PAS members have 
indicated interest in participating. John Montgomery, Reg Wiseman, Rose 
Marie Havel, John Giacobbe, Deni Seymour have expressed interest in giving a 
paper.  It would be nice to have one representative from each company give a 
presentation! If anyone else is interested in participating in this 
symposium, please contact the Chair  at the address below.  If you have any 
questions about the conference in general, see the enclosed flyer or contact 
Dr. Bettison at (505)538-6386.

Development of Regional Archaeological Standards
The primary goal of T-PAS is to develop and refine operational standards for 
those practicing archaeology in southeastern New Mexico. As part of this 
endeavor, T-PAS Chair Deni Seymour has requested that researchers return the 
standards questionnaires she passed out several months ago.  Anyone not 
having received the questionnaire should contact Deni at the address below 
and ask for one.  We need everyones' input on this effort, so please respond 
even if you choose not to attend our meetings.  In addition, Deni has asked 
that those engaged in CRM research also submit copies of any analysis forms 
they are using in the field or lab. We are trying to determine the variation 
in data recordation and methods, and these forms are an important first 
step.  The final results of this compilation will be compiled anonymously 
and will be available to all members.  SHPO, NMOGA, and others have 
requested that we consider writing a general regional research design.  Keep 
in mind, if we don't do this ourselves, someone from outside the area will 
likely be contracted to do so.  So come to the meeting with your ideas on 
this topic.

Money Matters
While all interested persons are invited, and encouraged, to attend T-PAS 
meetings to observe and contribute, only members will be allowed to vote on 
issues and receive the benefits of membership.  We are requiring that to be 
a member, one must be a member of NMAC, which costs $20.00 a year, and also 
join T-PAS, at a cost of $15.00 a year.  What a bargain!  Membership 
applications will be made available at the next meeting, or you can always 
contact any T-PAS officer for more information.

Join the Electronic Age
This and all subsequent mailings will go out via the old fashioned US Postal 
Service, but we strongly encourage our T-PAS members to provide us with 
email addresses.  For those with such service, mailings and announcements 
will go out faster, and we will save funds over snail mail.  If you have an 
email address, please submit it to the Secretary at his email address below. 
 Several members have suggested T-PAS go on the Internet, possibly with a 
web page, and such a plan could be implemented in the near future.  A T-PAS 
web page would encompass meeting summaries, company and member profiles, 
advertisements, employment requests, research reports, almost anything! 
 Those interested in participating should bring their ideas to the next 
meeting or contact the Secretary.

Those interested in attending a meeting or finding out more about T-PAS are 
invited to contact the Chair or Secretary at the addresses below:

Deni Seymour
Lone Mountain Archaeological Services, Inc.
2301 Yale Blvd. SE, Suite B2
Albuquerque, NM  87106
ph: 505-246-2606
fax: 505-246-9773

John A. Giacobbe
Western Archaeological Services, Inc.
500 North Main, Suite 400-L
Roswell, New Mexico 88201
voice: 505-624-1863
fax: 505-622-0661