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Subject: Senator Dennis Chavez Archive (NM) - Indian Affairs, Water  Rights, etc.
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 96 12:31:00 MST
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[ Note :  Anthropologists and historians might find research interest in the 
political papers archive noted below.  Additional information about Sen. 
Chavez  is found at -- 
SASIG Ed.  ]

From: Kathlene Ferris 

The Center for Southwest Research, a department of the University of New 
Mexico General Library is pleased to announce the opening of the Dennis 
Chavez Papers.

Dennis Chavez was born in Los Chavez, Valencia County, New Mexico on April 
8, 1888.  His career in political office began in 1922 when he was elected 
to the New Mexico State Legislature.  In 1930, he was elected as the 
Democratic candidate to the House of Representatives.  Chavez was defeated 
by Bronson Cutting for a U. S. Senate seat in 1934, but when Cutting died in 
1935, Governor Clyde Tingley appointed Chavez to fill the vacant seat.  He 
was elected to serve out the remainder of the unexpired term in 1936, and 
was re-elected in 1940, 1946, 1952, and 1958.  Chavez was the first 
native-born Hispanic elected to the U.S. Senate.  At the time of his death, 
he was fourth ranking in Senate seniority.  He died in Washington D. C. on 
November 18, 1962 and is buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery in Albuquerque.

The Dennis Chavez Papers contain 383 cubic feet of material documenting 
Chavez' career as a politician.  This includes his tenure in the New Mexico 
State Legislature, as well as in the United States Congress, where he was 
involved in such areas as Indian affairs, labor, the Post Office, the 
Defense Department, Latin American issues, and New Deal programs.  The bulk 
of the collection dates between 1930 until 1962.  The collection contains 
personal and congressional papers and correspondence (including materials 
relating to Senator Joseph McCarthy), photographs, news clippings, 
publications, maps, reports, legislation, press releases, scrapbooks, and 
memorabilia.  Also included are project files on New Mexico counties and 
subject files on agriculture, mining and water resources, among other 

The inventory to the Dennis Chavez Papers is available on disk in 
WordPerfect 5.1.  The complete inventory and collection are accessible via 
the Anderson Reading Room, Center for Southwest Research, Zimmerman Library, 
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.  Contact:  Beth Silbergleit 
 (505) 277-0060 e-mail:  or  Kathlene Ferris   (505)