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Subject: Museum Studies/Heritage Conservation Distance Learning Courses
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 96 13:08:00 MST
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From: Brenda Weatherston
Organization:  Division of Continuing Studies University of Victoria

Introduction to Museum Studies / Introduction to Heritage Conservation
Study at a Distance! These two comprehensive distance education courses are 
being offered through the Cultural Resource Management Program at the 
University of Victoria, beginning this September. These courses make use of 
extensive print and video-based resources to provide a comprehensive study 
package that can be completed on either a credit, transfer credit, or 
non-credit basis. In addition to regular communication with the course 
tutor, Listserv discussion lists have been added to connect participants 
with one another and the course tutor.  These courses emphasize the 
development of both academic knowledge and practical skills through 
independent study in your home or workplace, and encourage access to a 
cultural resource in your community which can serve as a focus for 
activities and assignments.

Course topics include:
Introduction to Museum Studies: Museums: An Introduction; Collections 
Conservation; The Public Partnership; Exhibitions Management
Introduction to Heritage Conservation: The Philosophical and Historical 
Setting; The Legal and Institutional Framework; Planning for Conservation; 
Technical Processes; Conservation in Action

The cost for each course, including course materials, shipping, and rental 
videos is $640.00 Canadian. Off-continent participants are required to pay 
an additional off-continent shipping fee. In addition, two texts are 
required for each course, and can be ordered through the Program Office. 
 Please register by August 31, 1996. Further information on these courses is 
available from the Program's web site at or by 
contacting us at the following address:

     Brenda Weatherston, Program Coordinator
     Cultural Resource Management Program
     Division of Continuing Studies, University of Victoria
     PO Box 3030, Victoria B.C. Canada V8W 3N6
     Phone (604) 721-6119 FAX (604) 721-8774
     E-mail: Brenda Weatherston
     Web Site:

     Fall 1996 / Spring 1997
     Communicating Through Exhibitions - John Coppola, Sept. 18-27
     Heritage Planning - Alastair Kerr, Oct. 21-25
     Curatorship: Issues and Practices - Carol Mayer, Oct. 28-Nov. 6
     Financial Management - Pauline Thompson, Nov. 13-22
     Public Programming - Lynn Kurylo,  Dec. 2-11
     On Contract: Effective Relationships with Contractors and Consultants
     - Jay Stewart, Oct. 9-11
     Museum Research in the Information Age -Victoria Dickenson, Oct.16-18
     Shaping Futures, Managing Change: A Retreat for Senior Museum
     Professionals - Sharilyn Ingram, Nov. 27-29
     Managing Archaeological Resources - Bjorn Simonsen, Feb. 5-14,'97
     Curatorial Care of Artifacts - Mary Lou Florian, Feb. 19-28,'97
     Museums in Historic Buildings - Thomas Taylor, Jr, Mar. 17-22,'97
      at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia