Message #232:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Homolovi Archaelogy Day Activities, Saturday July 27 1996
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 96 09:26:00 MST
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From: Karen Berggren

Homolovi is located on  Hwy 87 N, a mile north of  I-40 near Winslow 
Arizona.  For information, contact me at 520 289-4106.
Homolovi Archaeology Day, Saturday, July 27, 1996 (This is an annual event 
held on the last Saturday of July)

Friday the 26th: Heat corn pit & pile in the corn!

Around 8am: open corn pit.  We will give an ear of corn to each visitor for 
as long as it lasts!

8:30am: Archaeologists from the Arizona State Museum will give a tour of 
this summer's excavations at Homolovi I.  This has been an exciting summer 
with some fascinating developments concerning the architecture at Homolovi 
I.  Wear comfortable shoes and a hat.  It can get hot here (high 90's... 
don't laugh you Phoenix people!)  We have recently been having rain in the 
afternoon, so that has cooled it a bit.

9am-3pm demonstrations of various traditional activities, such as carving.

10am: Peter Pilles, Coconino National Forest Archaeologist, will give a talk 
on Jesse Walter Fewkes and his excavations at Homolovi in 1896 (100 year of 
archaeology at Homolovi!), and his work at Chavez Pass, etc.

11am: Program and demonstration of Native American music and dance by the 
Pollen Pathway Dancers.  This group was developed by a Navajo teacher at 
Bird Springs to encourage the students to appreciate their heritage. The 
community of Bird Springs is located next to the park and uses the park road 
for access to their village.

1:30 pm: Tour of Homolovi I (same as 8:30)

Hope you can join us for this day! (Note: we have a campground with 
hookups,a dump station,  showers, and tentpads. $13 with hookups, $8 without 
hookups for up to two vehicles & 6 people and this includes use of the park 
the day you come in and the day you leave!  For day use only, $3/vehicle/6